These Are The Voyages-Star Trek TOS Remastered and Reconsidered


Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If you need to skip some episodes to keep the whole train rolling, skip away.


“Mr Spock, you are the most cold blooded man I have ever met.”
“Why thank you, doctor.”

All right folks, it’s a new week and time for a new episode! This time around it’s “Court Martial”, the one where Kirk gets drummed out of Starfleet in disgrace and becomes a hobo. Or something like that anyway.

I find this episode strange, as I do with lots of the episodes that purport to show us the inner workings of Starfleet. Apparently the service is full of back-stabbing, embittered also-rans who hold grudges for extremely long periods of time. Some of them long enough to become completely insane and develop weird plans to fake their own deaths for reasons? Profit, I guess, somehow.

Anyway, as we’ve seen in some other episodes like Galileo 7, it takes very little for a crew of officers to completely turn on each other and if they smell blood in the water, they’ll torpedo your entire career. The Commodore can’t get rid of Kirk fast enough once he decides that it looks like he might actually be guilty of causing a crewman’s death. Everyone assumes Kirk has just buckled under the stress and ejected one of his people without cause. Side note: I really love that the button for “eject pod” is right next to the yellow and red alert buttons on the captain’s console. I can only imagine some upper Starfleet command people meeting about all the pods they keep having to replace. “What is happening? Why are we losing so many pods?” while their design team just sort of whistles and looks off into the distance.

I like Kirk’s old-fashioned attorney who loves texts of law but only if they’re written in books! You put that same information into a computer and it’ll steal your soul, or something. I enjoyed the casual way the defense attorney decides no, we don’t really need any defense, and then looks completely flabbergasted when visual proof is shown of Kirk hitting the “eject pod” button before calling red alert. “well gosh, might as well hang it up I guess!” until Spock comes along and saves everyone’s ass yet again. I imagine Spock makes mental note of the defense attorney’s rates, for the next time he decides to go AWOL with a Starfleet ship.

Then we find out that dude totally faked his death, and sabotaged the Enterprise because that’s a thing people do when they get passed over for promotion. Or maybe he was just crazy all along and Starfleet is really bad about weeding out the unstable ones? The Doomsday Machine is coming up soon, isn’t it?

Anyway, I wouldn’t call this a bad episode but I couldn’t really say it’s good either, it’s just passing time until we get to something awesome. It’s always fun to see Captain Kirk get to be all righteously indignant and then doesn’t even bother being all, I told you so! Nope, just ahead warp factor one, Mr Sulu. Till next week.


I did finish the Galileo 7 episode. Overall a good episode. I especially liked that Spock learns some things through mistakes upon his first command. I also liked the fact that in the very next episode, Spock gets to take command of the Enterprise, and once again has his orders questioned right away by the crew and has to remind them that he’s in command. That’s some nice continuity in Starfleet behaviour. And it sounds like this Court Martial episode has more of that! :)


It’s not a Spock-focused episode, he just shows up and does some Spock things. He does seem to be having an especially difficult time this episode not just calling everyone out for being an idiot, though.


That’s Elisha Cook Jr, a great character actor who goes all the way back to The Maltese Falcon. He’s good in everything he ever did.


He was Icepick on Magnum P.I., right?


He was. Also was in The Big Sleep, Shane, you name it.


I forgot to mention that, thank you - yes it’s Elisha Cook Jr., and I spent the entire episode trying to place him! Yes, pretty sure he was on Magnum P.I. as well.


I neglected to mention it this morning, but this was extremely funny. Well done Sir.



Not Wilmer!


Well I ain’t no Kelly Wand, but I do my best.


Everyone knows about the gunsel=slang for gay issue with The Maltese Falcon, right?

As far as the episode, I never liked it. Even as a kid. The whole big jettison pod button on the arm of the chair bothered me even then. I really cared about realism (yeah I know). That button had never been there before. I was positive that the captain of a damn starship had better things to do than push a button that Sulu or Scott could push. Total dealbreaker.


I did not know about the gunsel thing, so thanks for pointing it out!


Now the next time you can watch it in a different light. I know I did. Great film.


The book is pretty dang near explicit. John Huston had to hint around it due to the code at the time, IIRC.


Yes, i recall that the novel is much racier than the film.


This is true. And movies since then have used it to mean a hired gun.

Much like Bugs Bunny calling Elmer Fudd nimrod. Nimrod was a mighty hunter. He was using it as a joke. Now nimrod is an insult meaning some kind of idiot.


I wonder if this is the first sci fi film or TV that centers around computer hacking (I know there are short stories from the '50s)

Boy, the heartbeat scene is dumb. The microphones pick up the heartbeats, but not the people talking-- until it picks up Finney talking, evidently.


The heartbeat thing is cheesy, definitely. Especially with the whole, McCoy waving his sound-canceling microphone in front of everyone’s chest, it’s just like we get it already! Seems like a bunch of ways that could have been done better.

That reminds me! Is this the first appearance of the Jeffries tube?