These kids are really good at hide and seek:

Child molesters, especially the ones that kill their victims, are similar to serial killers (some are, of course) in that they typically hunt within their own ethnic group. And, of course, most child molesters and serial killers are white males.

According to the Second National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART-2), of “Stereotypical Kidnapping Victims”, 72% are white and 69% are female. Before anyone says, “but of All Nonfamily Abduction Victims, 42% are black” note that the examples given of such cases include things like a babysitter refusing to release the kids until she’s been paid and rape, where the victim is technically “abducted” but which wouldn’t necessarily generate a media frenzy.

I thought family abductions were like 2/3rds of all abductions?

Yes, but those don’t generate tons of media hype either usually.

Ok, in light of the 72% number I’m going to retract calling the media racist until I see more info. But note that still, none of the kidnapped media kids are ugly!

The stories on ugly kids are reserved for pleas of assistance and donations to help them with facial reconstruction surgery.

Are you implying that a single child isn’t worth disrupting the lives of every person in a 500 mile radius? For shame.

Though it did save that 2-year-old in Toronto.[/quote]

Its not worth it, and the manipulative effect of it is definitely not worth it. Amber Alert, Terror Alert, how can we make the public do what we want next Alert…

Humans are still individuals and lead private lives. For now. Lets stop the conditioning before it progresses any further.

Terror Alert: Red
Terror Alert: Yellow

You are as afraid as we want you to be.

Manipulative effect? “If you happen to see <description> with young <description>, be aware that a child has been reported missing/abducted.” Where’s the manipulation?

Alerts for missing/abducted children aren’t anywhere near the same as the goofy terror alert system. You’re a dope.

Please tell me this shit is made up. Did someone honestly name their kid Jetsetta?

'salright, she’s dead now. And if the stupid name wasn’t enough, they also were “good” friends with a convicted sexual predator. Smart cookies, her parents were not.