They Are Billions - Zombies Meet AOE


Well, it seems that I’m safe. Tom’s power to influence my purchasing decisions doesn’t come from his authority, knowledge, or position or relationship to me. I think it comes from his skill at skipping lore and his swiftness to apologize for cussing.

Played through the first few campaign scenarios and they are substantially easier than any normal scenario I’ve played in the early access period. The “horde” that arrives at the end is just the standard wave you might get at day 20 in a normal scenario…

The solo missions are a nice change of pace - though I screwed up the science one by forgetting to pickup the artifact. Oops. Heh.

I’ve been looking forward to this and would have purchased it by now if it weren’t for the campaign difficulty complaints. What a nuisance! Get your act together, developer-people!

I bought it & uninstalled eons ago, was actually excited to try the campaign and ugh, the reviews are scathing. So many people with hundreds of hours of gameplay leaving negative reviews this week. It’s like they were all hoping things would be easier. I guess the developer is just a sadist.

(to be fair they did issue a long-winded update today easing the first few scenarios, but I don’t really see any substantial difference between endless and the campaign which is my biggest complaint)

Having tried this back in EA and hoping the campaign might add some interesting tech tree choices and that the full version of the game would simply have more to do, I can see where the frustrated reviews are coming from. If I had any emotional investment in the game I imagine I’d be kind of disappointed about what a missed opportunity considering the time scale they had to work on it.

When I asked in the Steam forums, the developers specifically said that they wanted the game to be difficult. They did not lie. I bought it because I’m in love with the concept and love tower defense games, and when I play RTS I’m a turtler. In my 11 hours of playtime I’ve yet to win a single scenario. I know the hardcore players are going to laugh at me, because it took them 50 hours before their first win or whatever. All I’m going to say is that this game is difficult. Maybe too difficult to be fun.

I love a nice, hard challenge and this game concept should lean in that direction. I’d probably start out on Hard and then scale back if I couldn’t hack it.

For me, the issue is more about the early access development model and then the price bump on release… the game shouldn’t come out of early access until it’s properly balanced.

I just referred to this baffling phenomenon in the Anthem thread. I just don’t get why people invest so much time in something and then come in with a negative review. Maybe thumbs sideways, but if it’s thumbs down, maybe, I dunno, PLAY SOMETHING ELSE?! Lord knows, we have options. :D

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I don’t get the complaints either. I have a lot more issues with unit pathing and movement than i do with the campaign, but i certainly wouldn’t give it a bad review. Is it boldly blazing a trail for a 25 year old genre whose last great innovation was about 15 years ago? No, it is not. But i think it’s a pretty well executed game that stayed true to what the developers wanted to do.

Huh, so this is coming to Xbox? That’s news to me.

For me it’s his smooth talking and I just like the cut of his jib! To each their own, eh!

I died a couple of times on day six on theat woodland mission 600 pop until day 66 … until I learned to build some walls. I never could get the rangers close all holes. Also, pretty realistic. One infected was enough to kill my colony.
At the very end I almos lost on day 54 with 550 pop- one small outbreak, but I could send in soldiers fast enough. I think it took me an hour to get there. If I’d lost, don’t know if I retried.
It is nice and good, but failing a mission after 1+ hours and no fallback save is too hardcore. Why this perma death? It gets intense, I give you that.

I haven’t been following this thread since last year sometime, so I had no idea this was out, until I saw this article:

It’s out, and apparently it launched with a campaign that was too hard, because it defaulted to Challenging difficulty? The new patch will make the default difficulty Accessible difficulty.

Hey neat! I wonder if it plays well using a controller on PC?

You know, I thought the complaints of the campaign were overblown and likely from people who just had too high of an expectation of what an RTS campaign looks like…but after playing the first 5-6 missions I can say that the campaign legit sucks.

Pixel hunting missions, missions impossible to win unless you die multiple times to memorize map layouts, arbitrary blocks to upgrade paths to make the game even grindier - it has it all.

To be fair, you should be disregarding reviews from people who have only beaten maybe 1 map.

the difficulty is overblown. I am watching a lets play with Cristopher Odd and he got 100 pts. even before they made the missions a bit easier. He played the EA a lot, so I think for a experienced player, it is OK. But usually the campaign is easy to newcomers. I like it so far and sometimes I know what I am doing.

From stream watching, it seems like the hero missions find the interactable loot “feature” is miserable

I wouldn’t call them miserable. Just not overly great. They’re a nod to Tanya mission in Red Alert. There’s even an in-game call-out to Red Alert which I thought was well done.

RPS Wot I think

They give it a good ‘score’ (their Bestest Bests) but thanks the survival mode, they aren’t happy with the campaign.