They Are Billions - Zombies Meet AOE

Good blog post explaining why they are out of beta keys, I get the sense Early Access might happen this year!

So at least 10k beta copies sold already!

I have had quite the blast losing in this game. It is handing me my backside most every game. One little slip will inevitably lead to a giant cock-up. That provides massive tension throughout the experience. There is rarely a time where you feel somewhat safe and secure. In my experience, when that happens all hell is about to break loose. I just lost my last game when the swarm came a bit early - 7 days to be precise - which was just enough that all my defenses were not top notch. A small breakthrough at one gate quickly led to a route. One more bloody tower needed! Just one!

The random map generator needs a bit of work and you should be able to load a map seed. There have been a number of times that I would like to retry a map but the game does not currently allow it. Also, sometimes mobs or infected towns spawn too close to the base for comfort. That is almost automatically a redo at that point.

Steam Early Access, TOMORROW!!!


I was sent a copy of it. Is very hard, but I really dig it.

I know this question will be answered in 3 hours, but is there a retail price on it?

EDIT: off their site looks like it will be $19.99

Taps window: ‘open, open, open’

Hmm. This thread has got me excited. Can’t wait until it unlocks (40 minutes?). I want to watch some of the youtube videos that were made, but I guess I’ll go in blind for the full experience :)

Heh, the timer expired but there is no way to buy it yet. Steam launches are always fun to watch.

Edit - and the price is $24.99 on Steam, $22.49 on their site. Let the raging begin…

Second edit - ok the Steam Discount kicked in. Price is the same. But still more than the $20, so raging will occur.

Well I meant to be productive today, but I decided to fire this up to try it out. It’s fantastic so far. I’ve lost three games, but have learned a bunch each time. Pushing your colony out is tough but space is so tight. The geography of the map is a major factor. Need to keep your base covered with basic defenses to stop the wandering zombies but be flexible enough to surge in places where a swarm hits. This is checking so many boxes for me.

$20.24 for humble monthly subscribers:

This seems like a cool game. They really like their brown tones though, eh?

This game can be REALLY evil with the map generation. In one game i started literally right next to an undead city.

One thing I couldn’t discover about the game since I first checked it and am still curious about: is this 2D or 3D? ie, will my toaster be able to display it or not?

Umm I think there are 3Ds. The art style reminds me of the Stardock fantasy games. I am very much liking the beta, even if I am rubbish at it. :)

My first game:

Hoard got me from the west where I had only 1 tower. :(

My toaster most definitely could not. I mean it would launch, but that’s about as far as I could get. Oh well, it looked promising.

Some beginner tips that seem to be working for me so far. Prioritize putting houses onto dirt as farms unlock a little bit later on and will take up pretty much all your grass spaces. Sprinkle the fisherman and game huts around wherever you can fit them as long as they will generate a reasonable amount of food. Sawmills are the priority early, you can wait a bit on a stone quarry, and even longer on an iron one. Push out your borders a bit with your opening squad looking for chokepoints, but then scatter them around the perimeter until you can start to train new guys and build towers. You should be able to get whatever the wood workshop thing is(in the industry tab) up before you need to go heavy on defenses. That will let you unlock farms and cottages which are pretty huge early on. Don’t procrastinate too much on a warehouse after that, the production boost and the storage increase are very nice.

I can’t even build a sawmill. It tells me I have the requisite gold/resources but I can’t place it anywhere. How do I place a sawmill??

You can only place it within range of trees.


Ok, what about quarries?

I’ve tried within range of stone/iron and it’s all red! (I will confess I’m colorblind so might be missing something)

Quarri places looks like little patches of rubble - try building one, and then hovering a bit over the various places to see where it suddenly says a number. Its kinda strange that its those unbuildable plots of land that is stone, and not the large stone croppings, but it is what it is.