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Well, I was thinking that perhaps ICQ or IRC is a perfect medium for interviewing someone. It feels a lot more informal than email, you can carefully choose your wording for questions/responses, there’s a log of the conversation so no need to take notes, and unlike email you can have some spontaneity during the process.

That being said… does anybody care to volunteer to be my first interview victim? I’m quite serious.

Heh… this is so true. My favorite one is this:

Guy: Well, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, it was very informative!

Not only do online reviews avoid follow-up questions, they also fail to edit their interviews at all. Obviously you always want to thank your interviewees for taking the time to talk with you, but you don’t have to put that in the published interview. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a professional interview in any other journalistic venue that does this, but nearly every online game interview includes it without fail. Nothing like ending an interview on an amatuerish note.

Again, it’s not that an email interview is inherently flawed. But IMHO to do it right, you should send an initial series of questions, and then send a set or two of follow-up questions to the interesting answers. It’s very frustrating as a reader to see a response that hints at something cool or interesting and then the interview just segues off into something else – when you KNOW that in a “live” interview that question would have been followed up on.

Seems to me that the email interview serves its purpose on most sites (large or small) if it is being done to preview or highlight a game that hasn’t been released yet. Most that I’ve read revealed something new about the game in question and many ask the questions that many of the fans of the game are most interested in having asked.

Now if you’re talking about interviewing a personality or something like that, then that seems to me to be a different set of issues. If Operation Sports is interviewing 3DO’s High Heat Developers, I want answers to specific questions and most sites (including Operation Sports) do this kind of thing pretty nicely. If the site is interviewing Jim Gindin about how to design sports simulations, then I think that is a different kind of interview and lends itself to the follow-up, etc.

Can they be improved? Sure, but I’m not seeing a huge problem in the preview types of interviews. I want 3DO to explain why they feel they can make High Heat 2004 PC without a mouse interface - and in their own words (finely crafted/controlled or not) they can hang themselves or provide some sort of reasonable explanation.

The Octopus Motor interview is up on Planet Hate. Nothing much revealed SHORT OF OUR SOULS!!!

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Was reading the British PC Gamer at B&N and they had an article about Indie Games. There was an update from Sparky. They’re still working on the game.