They Came From Hollywood

I havn’t done much shameless plugging on here in the past so I figure it’s my turn. I just posted an interview with QT3’s very own Sparky (and Lars) over at DIY Games. A number of topics are discussed, from their upcoming monster game, They Came From Hollywood, to Derek Smart. Overall it’s pretty good If I may say so myself. It’s extremely long so why not download the trailer while you read. If nothing else check out the interview for the latest pics of their kickass car.


I am also looking for writers to fill any number of positions currently open. I’m looking for reviewers, previewers(hands on previews only), news writers, and librarians (to maintain the Games Library). Free games will be provided (of course), and I’m willing to negotiate modest pay if the right people ask.

So do you view previous experience writing for GameSpy as a good thing, or a bad thing? You never know with this crowd. :)

You’re running ads for ‘Teenage Lawn Mower’? Damn that game sucked.

“Hurtles” sounds like something from X-Treme Track and Field XXX. So it’s a good thing that they’re out of the way, at this point.

Just downloaded the trailer: I get no video, just sound.

Well, as a consolation, it’ll be easier to pick out the Wilhelm Scream that way.


Sounds like you need to install the codec.


Gotta agree with Private Candyass on that one; at least where the demo was concerned.

The thing got mentioned on BluesNews, too, GMicek. U r kewl.

What? You mean people actually have to meet deadlines to write for DIY? I guess that means I couldn’t write for you guys. Don’t get me wrong, I think deadlines are great; I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by.

GameSpy is ok, Avault is not. I don’t have that much server space.

You’re a doodie head. I thought the game was pretty good. Besides, it’s from the dude who made Legend of The Red Dragon, so call me an old school sucker.

Hey, lots not forget Voodoo and Gamespy Daily! Hehe. I take 'em when I can get 'em.

Well, someone has to meet them, cause I’m sure as hell not doin’ it :lol:

WOW! This game looks cool coming from just two people. And it looks VERY professional (in the big publisher EA sense… even one-upping based on interview by having a meaty manual!)

This is the game Black and White SHOULD have been!



Glad I follow qt3 or I would never have seen this promising game. Looks great, the way the mantis moves is neato, and the dancing robot sequence in the promo was a hoot. But Sparky and Lars, really, consider a giant ape, or at least allow end-users to make one.

I thought the movie was actually pretty good. certainly looks fun.

Love the motif on his car. What better way to say “Hey I’m a gamer” :)

That’s her car.

Uh, I think. I’m not taking any chances, I’m batting low percentages on Qt3 pop-quizzes.

Well, it’s our car, so you’re both right. But it was my idea to do the Invaders, and I’m the one who cut 'em, weeded* 'em and stuck 'em on there. Admittedly, Lars did help squeegee.

[size=2]*to weed: to remove the extraneous vinyl surrounding a cut design. Congratulations, you’ve learned something about the tedious and low-paying job of signmaking![/size]

My apologies. Good job either way :)

Lars: The interface is awful! It’s absolutely awful. And she has to scream at me “why is there no undo?”

Sparky: Well there is no undo!

Neat interview 8). Very cool car.

So, will the car make an appearance in the game? ;)

  • Alan