They hate us, they really really hate us

Well, no shit.

Hey, I voted for the other guy, what’s his name, the inventor of the internet…

Sometimes I view the current administration the way a kid sort of rolls his eyes at dorky parents. :roll: “Puhleeze, Mr. President, that’s soooo tacky. None of the other world leaders do that sort of stuff anymore these days. That’s so… 1990. Oh, and can I borrow the keys to Dept. of Education One tonight?”

  • Alan

Why are we so worried about whether or not they ‘like’ us?

They’re the ones who should be worrying whether or not we ‘like’ them.

250 million against 5 billion – ya gotta like them odds.

Which side has 5 billion?

Heil, Hitler!


Man, fuck all them furriners! 8)