They’re making a sequel to Twister. It’s called Twisters

Oh no! This movie canonically takes place on Hellmire in the Helldivers universe.

I can watch some pretty bad movies, but I’m not even bothering with this. The acting grated on me just in the trailer alone, I can’t imagine sitting though 90-120 minutes of it.

At a glance that’s who he is. But in reality, he’s the low-tech underdog, combining the arrogant veneer of Ewles’ character with the inner workings of Paxton’s character.

It’s a. . .

. . .twist on the first movie’s characters!

Perhaps they read the script and decided it wasn’t worth it?

Time to queue up a Sharknado movie!

So, just like the first one?

They’re making a prequel to Sliders. It’s called Slider.

I’m holding out for Alienses.

Sequels to '90s movies/'00s TBS mainstays are gold!

The Shawshank Redemptions
Weeks Of Thunder
Forrest Gumps
Judgment Nights

They should just go all-in with the dance musical-disaster mashup prequel called Twist. Set in the early 60s, of course.

Andy Serkis as the Alien queen in Alienses? Sign me up

Would you accept “Fargii” and “Forrests Gump”?

Event Horizons

I will accept either one as long as Haley Joel Osment plays every part.

Star Wars Kid as the tornado.

There better be another breakfast that Babish can make