They should`ve never been born!

Following the discussion of this summers line up of movies I just had an interesting thought:

If you were allowed to remove one (and only one) actor/actress OR director together with all of his or her productions - who would you choose?

Example (fictive): I hate Richard Gere. I would like for him and all things he has appeared in to vaporize.

A Hollywood family may count as one (example: the Baldwins, the Wayans, etc.), since removing only one won`t help

Sometimes you also have to concider the overall happiness in the world. For instance: You might like Eddie Murphy in “Raw”, but not enough to justify all the other productions like “Holy Man”. So “Raw” have to go for the greater benefit of mankind.

Definitely Andie MacDowell. She’s a shitty actress and hideous looking to boot.

tie between jim carey and adam sandler.

Wow, Wumpus and I agree on something. You ever see that woman on MadTV do her Andie MacDowell. “I dintint know I would be treated like this!”

Goodness of Groundhog Day > Badness of Andie McDowell

Also, she’s not hideous.

Yes she is.

I dunno, The Mask makes up for some later sins. But I agree about Adam Sandler.

Loyd Case

Richard Gere was badass in “The Red Corner”, but I’m not sure if that makes up for it. He was also in “Primal Fear” which was a bad-ass movie with Edward Norton (aka God) in it, and removing that movie from history is not acceptable. Plus last year’s “Chicago” was pretty good.

Andie Macdowell is fucking gorgeous. I’d pay to fuck her.

My vote for complete historical removal is Julia Roberts. The side benefit is that this wipes out a number of horrible Richard Gere movies. Worst casualties: “Flatliners”, “Conspiracy Theory”, and the goofy “Oceans Eleven” remake. I’ll live.

How can there possibly be any other choice but Kevin Costner??
Imagine a world without ‘The Postman’, or ‘WaterWorld’…sigh no ‘Dragon Fly’ or ‘80 dozen shitty movies about baseball to make up for Costner’s failed dreams’…Oh what a glorious world that would truly be…
And I find Andie McDowell to be pretty at the very least ‘hideous’ is reserved for Maddonna or Courtney Love or that one thin blonde pop singer.

What about Dances with Wolves? Haven’t seen it, but reliable sources shit themselves about it.

I never actually opted for Richard Gere, it was meant as an example. I haven`t been able to decide myself yet.

Nice touch with removing Julia Roberts, and at the same time getting rid of some of Richard Gere`s earlier uninteresting movies. This clarifies another dimension of the question. By removing one, you get side benefits, or disadvantages…

Now Kevin Costner - this is a true contestant. I never actually finished watching “Dances With Wolves”, since I fell asleep after 60 minutes. But as far as I can tell it was truly bad. Another glorious moment in Costner`s career was when he eats sand on the shore of England in “Robin Hood”.

My problem with choosing, is that it is not enough for the movies to suck, I have to feel the anger bottle up. I have to be on the merge of nervous breakdown just thinking about the guy. Here`s a link with one of my strongest challengers: Man, just look at this face (and of course the film list).

It’s seemed good when 3 hour movies were rare, but nowadays it’s like, who gives a fuck?


Jesus, you people are insane. Speilberg? I mean sure, he has some bad movies - but he also made Raiders and Schindler’s List - as well as Exec Producer of Back to the Future.

He has made 2 good movies. Raiders and Amistad.

Wow. I’m surprised to find myself agreeing with Wumpus as well. I thought my severe disdain for Andie McDowell was unique.

Can’t act, and not pretty at all.

Of course, Voltaic thinking she’s gorgeous is just another example of “there’s someone for everyone,” I guess.

Does it have to be an actor/actress? I’d like to vote Craig Kilborn. Smug ass who’s not 1/10 as funny as he thinks he is. (Caveat: I didn’t start watching The Daily Show till Stewart took over, and I’m basing this on CK’s annoying late-night program.)

He was much a much better host than Stewart

Sandra Bullock

And Denis Leary for co-starring with her in Two If By Sea

Wow. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but I can’t agree with that. I’d have to add:

Jaws (yeah, the fake shark hasn’t aged well, but still a fantastic movie)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Color Purple
Schindler’s List
Saving Private Ryan

Sure he’s done some stinkers, too (cough, cough… Hook), but he’s also done some of my favorite films of all time.

He was much a much better host than Stewart

All right, I must have stumbled into some sort of reversed Bizarro universe, because I can’t agree with that, either. The Daily Show was good even with Kilborn, but not because of him (they have always had some great supporting comics). It’s much better with Jon Stewart.

Demi Moore. Andie McDowell. Kevin Costner. Every post-1980 member of Saturday Night Live who’s gone on to a film career, and maybe Chevy Chase, too. I’d say Keanu Reeves, too, but I would hate to lose The Matrix. Chris O’Donnell.