They're Pinky and the Brain

One step closer to cartoon fantasy becoming reality…

Son of a… if I’m having to watch a mouse give the State of the Union address in a few years, I’m going to be very upset.

On the bright side, I’m guessing he’s be smarter than the current administration, as well as be less of a rat.

Boy, so much for liberals being less slanderous than conservatives.

Bad enough that the conservatives slandered Clinton, but now that the shoe is on the other foot you’d think the liberals would show some class.

I voted for Gore, btw.

I voted for Gore, but I really didn’t mind Bush when he was first elected. He had some good idea, seemed like a decent fellow.

But now he just keeps saying and doing things that do nothing but make me wish Florida had 600 more party line Democratic voters.

And all the insight into his past dealings with corporations, his administration being bribed thoroughly by Enron, and his top 1% tax cut are what trigger my little “rat” comment.

(and I’m more of a moderate than anything else)

Say what you will, but I shudder to think of how Gore would have handled the 9/11 “situation.”

Invading Afghanistan, just like Bush? He’s quite the hawk; he voted for the Gulf War, was the one principal in the White House pushing for troops on the ground in Kosovo, and favored the early Haiti intervention of the Clinton administration. He did oppose Somalia, but as now the GOP talks about how intervening there was an incredibly bad decision, that doesn’t go anywhere.

I can’t find his position on the 80s guerilla wars in Afghanistan or Nicaragua, though.

Say what you will, but I shudder to think of how Gore would have handled the 9/11 “situation.”

The White House is a machine, doesn’t matter which light is on, it runs just the same. Though many people have mentioned that Bush’s light isn’t that bright.

What was it I heard about Bush the First? “Born on Third base and thought he hit a triple”. Probably even more true for Bush the Second.

Judging from my inability to use the quote function, doesn’t seem my light is all that bright either.

There’s a great sign as you drive by CIA HQ in Langley:

“George Bush Center for Intelligence”

And, yeah, I know it refers to Bush Sr., but it still makes me smile every time.

I wish they would explain why they killed the mice so soon after death. Fear of a white & fuzzy planet?

Maybe they popped out and said “Boo!”