Thief 3: Pagan level (spoilers!)


I have progressed to the room with the Jacknall’s Paw. To conclude the ritual, I need blood. I can kill the guard on top of the altar, of course, but isn’t there a way to finish this level without killing someone? I tried killing the beast but I can’t get it to die on top of the altar and I can’t move it either.


You can knock a guard/priestess unconscious, dump their
body on the sweet spot, and shoot an arrow into them. That
doesn’t seem to kill 'em, but it’s enough to make 'em bleed
where you want 'em to bleed.

There’s also a dead pagan lying in a pool of blood next to a campfire a little ways back. If you pick him up and carry him to the altar, he’ll be accepted as a blood offering.