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How the Hell did you need to be an “M.I.T. grad” to play Deus Ex?

I’m amazed at how fast I’ve gone from regarding Warren Spector with the utmost respect to holding him in utter contempt.

If a company wants to make a dumbed-down game, then by all means, that’s certainly their right but I really wish they’d do so outside of the space of an existing and rather revered (i.e. not dumbed-down) franchise. Put another way, if they wanna make a game like Thief, but dumbed-down for the masses, I would prefer they use an entirely new name and franchise. But no, those bastards gotta milk a namebrand for all it’s worth I suppose.

MIT’s standards have dropped rather drastically over the past few years.

“Antiquated design decisions” ??? Like what? Challenge? Innovation? Being a good game???

Holy crap. Dissing Thief’s design is just wrong.

Particularly in light of DX2’s “present-day ideas”.

I’ll still wait for a demo. But if the game turns out to be another DX2, I’m gonna’ Paypal some money to the owner of :twisted:

“M.I.T. grads”? WTF is he talking about? Spector is pissing me off. This is just a lame excuse for making Thief more of an action title and less of a sneaker, IMHO. The end result is, of course, to appeal to a wider audience but since when was Thief all that difficult to begin with?

WHatever. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt but I’m still entitled to bitch since Thief is my all-time favorite game for the very designs this guy is calling too difficult for the idiot masses.


As a PC gamer, I don’t take his comments personally because I know they’re directed at the console kiddies. <dons asbestos suit>

The only thing dumbed down here seems to be Warren’s ability to design these games. There’s nothing intelligent about WASD plus a mouse and anyone who thinks moving from a keyboard to a controller is dumbing down the game is…like, dumb, or something. Ghost Recon for the XBox is a great example of a very deep game (with sneaking!) that made the transition to consoles without becoming, I don’t know, more dumber. I suppose.

If Warren takes cues from Ghost Recon, I wouldn’t mind :)

Waiting to see, waiting to see.

But yeah, deffinately agree with the guy.

How dare he let others in to our clubhouse!

How dare he let others in to our clubhouse![/quote]

Ok, sure, invite some new people in, but did he have to make us leave? He sure doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of making the PC fans of Deus Ex welcome.

Can anyone think of an example when someone simplified an existing game in some way for the sequel and it became a significally bigger hit?

Most games that are big hits are simple to begin with. Deus Ex might have been critically acclaimed, but it wasn’t a big hit. Same with Thief and Thief 2. Something isn’t a big hit without big sales to back it up.

You can’t make games for M.I.T. grads,"

I take that as a pretty backwards fucking swipe at, oh, say, Looking Glass.

Fuck you, Warren. You let Harvey Smith turn DX into a console shooter. Now, I wonder if Garret is going to be able to nosebluntslide 50-50 ledges instead of mantling them.

Wow. How the mighty have fallen into a giant bubbling pot of rat feces.


Battlezone II of course. :shock:

Right, so the question remains, why simplify a complex game, one with a reputation for complexity? It seems like all you do is alienate the people that bought and enjoyed the first game in the hope to expand the market to people who didn’t buy the first game. I don’t get it.

Your word of mouth goes to shit, and you end up trashing your franchise.

Yeah, that’s what I was basically saying earlier in this thread.

How about the Baldur’s Gate games on the consoles. Okay, maybe not really sequels, but sorta kinda in a way maybe, right? Or not. I give up.