Thimbleweed Park


Anyone played this yet? I was thinking of breaking my own pixel art ban to have something funny to play before I head off to surgery. A plus would be if an adventure game would translate well to couch over Steamlink with Steam Controller for recovery time. Any thoughts?


I came this close to creating this thread, then figured it probably wouldn’t generate enough interest to sustain its own thread, but then I couldn’t figure out where I’d put it! Anyway, glad I’m not the only one thinking about this game.

For the uninitiated, it’s the latest Ron Gilbert point and click adventure game, so it’s a foregone conclusion it’ll get my money.


I figured just the opposite lol. With all the classic gamers here, a Ron Gilbert game would be very popular. I was surprised I couldn’t find a dedicated thread, especially in light of "toilet paper-gate" hehe.


I don’t think point and click adventure games are held in very high regard these days. In fact, I’m open to starting an over/under until the first cat hair mustache joke.


This looks really great. Looking forward to hearing impressions!

FYI it’s play anywhere, so if you buy it on Xbox you can also get it through the windows store and vice versa.


Once again the lure of the Xbox One plus MS Tablet + Steam seems like a gamers heaven. Steam games on Surface just seems like utter bliss for adventure games. Am I right, am I right?! Getting weeee wooly as had to take a most concoction to drop me into slumber way early than me brain Ike’s. Hopefully on morning I’ll be tired and when the drips hit I’ll be like, ohhh that feels nice, then I wake up with a few more holes in me than day before, but hey… if they closed up who cares! of ittue remofed, and I find out in addition to what removed if he search for more bomb waiting to go off for trampoline


Jus gonna watch that intro for threepish hours afterPreformatted text
Surety. I man I love those guys! Boatymcclownface



I think you are right. Monkey Island 2 was the first game I actually bought, and for a long time the old point and click adventure (particularly in the Lucasarts tradition) were my favourite genre of games. But that was a long time ago now, and I’m pretty much done with the adventure game genre and it’s modern day descendants.

However, for some reason I’m actually interested in Thimbleweed Park. No idea why, but if people have played it I would love to hear your thoughts.


I bought it last night, but have yet to start it (thanks, Legion finale). Will give impressions in about 12 hours.


Looks like the consensus is pretty positive - I’ll probably go with the option @LMN8R mentioned so I can play on Xbox and PC.

And while nobody may have stepped in with the expected cat hair mustache comment yet, the reviewers never let me down, as in this Polygon review:

For what it’s worth, they mention that while there are some tricky puzzles, none rise to the level of nonsense like the infamous cat hair puzzle.


Sorry about the stupid post. No fold plus extra meds to get mt to sleep was bad combination


So I started playing this last night and man, is it a blast from the past. Looks and feels just like playing Maniac Mansion or Zak McCracken. And it requires you to take notes! Or at least have a better memory than I have. Not too far into it, but really enjoying so far.


In one of the stranger DLC offerings for a point-n-click adventure game…

Ok, I guess?


Seems weirder that they’re charging for it than that it exists, to me.


I didn’t really think Ransome was a particularly interesting character in the first place, but I was reassured by my theory that a totally innocuous word was being beeped out because it somehow upset the residents of Thimbleweed Park for no discernible reason. That was mildly amusing to me. Now that I know he was just saying “fuck” a lot, I’m even more disappointed.


I think it’s a funny joke for those that want to contribute more to a great game.