Things I have seen

For all the random WTF things you’ve seen, taken pics of, or otherwise encountered! So starting out…

Is it just me for being weirded out that the Stranger Things girl is in a Cisco ad (??), dressed like the Stranger Things girl but looking like she’s 30? So weird. Why this you do this thing, Cisco?

Hello fellow pervs!

And i even like the color.

I was out a few weeks back, drunk, and saw this:


AHAHAHA, I’ve been sitting here, going I’m not posting Roy’s speech, I’m not posting Roy’s speech, I’m not posting Roy’s speech because I knew it was coming. I consider this a moral victory. Why not.

Here’s something I’ve seen, the Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa.

Here’s another thing I have seen, a statue of one of the Portal robots at Valve HQ:

And also this: the Ghostbusters firehouse they lived in, which is still there, or at least was when I took this picture in 2010:

The taxi driver who took me there did not understand why people occasionally asked him to stop here and take pictures. I felt a little bad for him, having lived a life without Ghostbusters.


I may have posted this before. From about a year ago at a local BBQ joint:

I sort of wanted to barf.

But yes, this is America in a nutshell.

I agree with you taking the moral victory here, divecubed. I have no such governing mechanism on the dumb movie engine of my brain. I’m like Roger Rabbit with the “Shave and a Haircut” bit.

So, here is something I actually have seen:

This is the night of the Super Blue Blood Moon as it started to appear over a house in my neighborhood the night of the eclipse.


And there’s me looking at the silhouetted lawnmower on the roof.

I’ve seen a UFO, about 5 years ago. Not claiming it was extraterrestrial, just unknown to me. In broad daylight, I was pulling on my fag on the veranda, and a little thing was crossing the sky, without a sound, at a speed I’d quality as above the sound’s. It went and disappared beyond the horizon.
When you are as skeptical a person can be, it’s pretty cool to witness something you don’t understand.

I’m gonna guess it was a satellite. Those things can be freaky crossing the sky.

That makes sense. Dang, the mystery of my adult life solved!

It was a weather balloon, obviously.

I’m a real boy now! (look to the left)

WHY. Is it backwards day? (look at the bumper).

Weird or mildly interesting shit from my year so far.

My best friend’s first die roll as a GM: that’s the worst possible roll in Fate, with a 1.2% likelihood of occurring. Oops!

Weird videogame-themed Last Supper art at a divey music venue in Richmond, VA.

Cereal-based sexual assault on the back of some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

A delightful knock-off variant of Sour Patch Kids.

A very cool customer, no doubt.

Everyone knows that it’s dangerous to mow your roof in the dark.

It’s ok, however, to shave your face with some mace in the dark.


What? Why? This is at Target, and they’re already on clearance. Clearly I don’t understand the current toy/games market. Is this because of streamers?