Things to Do in Dallas for a Day

Do it, Funkapella! Honestly, that was my main reason for visiting that part of Texas. I’d done a bit of research on who fried the best chicken in the States, and Babe’s showed up on more lists than others. (There was one place in Lexington, KY, that was mentioned, but I couldn’t find it during my brief time there.) I’d love to come back and try the chicken fried steak.

More details, please. Were there cheeseburgers on the menu?

One must first understand that Grand Falls, New Brunswick is a small town with a population of about 6,000. That doesn’t preclude a decent Chinese restaurant. But in this case, it seems we were not lucky. I don’t recall the name of the place, but it was fairly large with a dining room, and waitresses dressed in the Chinese dress with mandarin collars. There wasn’t a Chinese customer in sight, nor were any of the staff Chinese. I don’t recall seeing Canadian food on the menu, so probably no cheesburgers. But essentially, they couldn’t even churn our edible fried rice. It had some crunchy rice grains. Fried rice is not easy to ruin but hey did it.

I must have missed this thread before: I’d have suggested finding time to kick the crap out of Jerry Jones.

I mentioned cheeseburgers because I remember visiting Squamish, BC, in the early 1990s and stopping to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant, of all places. (Next door was a Radio Shack that was more like a trading post than an electronics store.) The waitress was an expressionless blonde dressed in a greasy spoon-ish uniform and, yes, the menu included burgers and hot dogs for non-rice eaters.

Of course, that was a long time ago. Now Squamish is a budding metropolis of ~16000, and it even has a Starbucks!

Babe’s is pretty damn good, and they serve it “family style” on a platter. Their ribs are nothing special though – too smokey. I eat there every other week or so.

Bone Daddy’s is famous for being a sluttier hooters. Food is okay, a bunch of above average, under age looking waitresses. Long line at lunch, with nothing but men.

I kind of like the Dallas World Aquarium (the one downtown, not the the Fairpark one, which is a joke), it’s a nice hour long distraction.

Bone Daddy’s sent a team to a Ribfest that we attended here in the Great White North. Neither my wife nor I were particularly impressed by the ribs they served up. And I’m pretty sure she’ll be a bit put off by a restaurant that’s a sluttier version of Hooters, although I am intrigued.

I disagree. At Bone Daddy’s, I never felt as if I had to pick a pubic hair off of my fries.

Not so at Hooters. Put some clothes on, lady.