Things to do in downtown Dallas

So the place I’m going to be is right near Thanksgiving Square. Is this area known as “Downtown” or does it get a fancier name? Am I going to be shot within a year?

Yeah, that’s pretty much smack dab downtown. I work about half a mile south of there, near the central library.

WRT getting shot, not if you aren’t going to hang around on the street after dark. Dallas pretty much assumes you’re going to have and use a car. The east coast it ain’t.

But you probably could make good use of the McKinney Ave trolley, lots of stuff on that line.

I’m told by my brother who just moved to downtown that the City Tavern is a good pub, and it’s close to there.“city+tavern”&near=Dallas,+TX&fb=1&cid=0,0,6222628156917544836&ll=32.780681,-96.799797&spn=0.007658,0.012993&z=17

Is this where you’re moving to in Dallas, or are you scouting the area before you get something more permanent?

Look on the bright side, if you do get shot, it will probably all be just a dream, it being Dallas and all…


bloo: City Tavern is talked about a lot, which is kind of frightening since that must mean it’s the only place to actually visit =| I’ve committed to my location, but since I’m renting I can revisit once I get my bearings in a year or so.

Well, there are a couple that aren’t so good, but I like Homestead for the wines and La Buena Vida for the port. Both do sell some sticky sweet stuff, but if you let them know what you like they can steer you to the types you might like. THere is also a wine bar called “Into the Glass” that I like alot in downtown Grapevine. THey have many many wines by both the glass and the taste. The service speed can be erratic, but the servers I’ve had really know the wines. The food is good too.

Yeah. Although, the Interurban building at Jackson and Lane has a decent little grocery with a surprisingly good beer selection, and a bar and cafe - about 4 blocks from Thanksgiving Square.

There’s definitely something going on downtown on weekend evenings. I was leaving a friend’s place on Saturday night at midnight and there was a lot of car and foot traffic from people just showing up for a couple of different things. Saw some just forming lines at some clubs or something I never realized was there in the daylight.

we have a winner

I was going to be amazed at how stupid you are, but then I remembered you’re Rimbo.

I’ve spent a few weeks here now, and so far downtown is a mixed bag. There’s relatively decent action on Main and parts of Commerce, but otherwise it’s like I Am Legend out here.

Urban Market rocks big time, very convenient. Lots of decent restaurants around here, and lots of happy hour choices. So all is not lost. Still haven’t ridden the whole DART thing.


Seriously, man. McKinney. Lower Greenville. There are a handful of cool places downtown but that just isn’t where the most action is.

Here is your homework: Go to the Idle Rich Pub, and then start walking north.

I’ve driven along McKinney and it’s clearly where a lot more shit is going on, but it’s not as convenient. I may grab a friend some weekend and check it out though, thanks.

Didn’t you live in Dallas when you were at id? How much cool stuff to do can Dallas have generated since then?

Also, I notice on your LinkedIn page…

I hope you’re prepared for the amount of Qt3 discussion that this is going to generate. :)

Or a horse, ho ho hooo!

Well…I wasn’t expecting anyone from Qt3 to hit my FB or LinkedIn and cross-post it here, so whatever. =)

How about a Dallas Qt3 Drink…err, I mean “Meet”, Up?

Sure, how many of us are there?

I’m in.