Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food

There’s enough such things around the web that I bet we can fill up a thread. I was prompted to start it by this:

The Bloomberg

To celebrate our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Diabetes, we’ve created the sugariest drink in the world. We call it “The Bloomberg.”

Somewhere here is the thread about the guy who used to be the host for the burger place that made the heart attack burger…until he died of a heart attack.

Weren’t there two of them in close succession?

By the way, recipe needs all the sugary goodness of maple syrup.


They are fungus/fungi. Just like that stuff that sometimes grows between your toes and in your girlfriend’s crotch.

Wrong. Mushrooms are wonderful and delicious.

And if your girlfriend is growing morels in her nether-regions, then can I get her number or something?

“Mushrooms” are the most wonderful thing on the planet. Not only are they/it everywhere, they/it are both food and drugs. Myco-heterotrophy is a thing as well. Without fungus we very well might not be alive. Mycology is so very cool. Love the fungus. Accept the fungus. You have no choice.

Ever drink an alcoholic beverage? Thank fungi.


Sure. It’s all fun and games UNTIL THEY KILL YOU!

I remember the Myconids in Icewind Dale. Mushrooms must die. All of them.

Per George Carlin, cumquats.

Unprepared cassava.


I’ve tried one. Horrifying.


I think you missed the part where it’s supposed to be technically food. /snicker

Cool ranch Doritos tacos from Taco Bell. Because, seriously.

Lots of devoted McRib fans don’t agree with you on that one my friend!

If you can see it in the dark, it’s probably not something you should eat.

Doesn’t change the fact that they’re eating crap.


Oh, and to contribute:

Boiled cabbage. Other preparations are fine, but boiling it is criminal.