Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food



While I might not have known this intellectually, I always knew it in my heart. One speck and in the trash. Now to show this to the wife and then do the I-told-you-so dance.


The only thing I have ever eaten around the mold on is some cheese, not even all cheese. I can’t imagine looking at moldy bread and thinking… found a clean spot, yumm!


What usually happens if people see a small speck of mold on the outside of the crust, tear it off and think it’s fine.

Also there are people who think you can cooked spoiled meat and be fine cause it kills the bacteria, while ignoring that cooking doesn’t destroy the toxins produced by said bacteria which are the main reason you don’t want to eat rotten things.


Me as well. I had already heard it, but I went to look it up again after reading your post, just to confirm it. We’re safe, Nesrie:


Yep… And by eat around. I don’t do it by the slice, I cut inches off after the mold, block or wedge or whatever it is.

Now have I bitten into bread and tasted mold I couldn’t see… yeah. That goes right back out.


If they’re going to combine sauces, combine ketchup and tartar sauce. I always do that whenever I get fish and chips, and it works great for both the fish and the ‘chips.’


So if I understand Heinz marketing properly that would be Mayotar, which sounds like a monster that requires some sort of artifact to destroy.




But what about the malt vinegar?

All hail mayotargar?


Every now and then I get lucky at the Chinese bbq place and they have duck tongues/jaw. This is a pound of them - it’s the lower half of the jaw along with the tongue.


Sounds kinda gross.

What is good, and hard to find, is duck blood. Most places with blood pudding use pork which is not the same. Duck blood pudding has the texture closer to that of flan, pork blood is heavier and not as good.




I remember for Halloween one year my sister made green Mac n Cheese, and she used quite a bit of food coloring. So much so that not only were people pooping green, but her husband, who has pretty bad allergies, was sneezing green food coloring everywhere.


Black licorice will sometimes turn your poop green too. (If you eat a lot of it.)



Hah, I just came here to post that, Rich.


Great minds… :)


I think someone should step up and buy durian fruit for Magary.