Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


He could top it with white truffles. :)


I’m sure this is actually fine to eat but I thought it was funny enough to bring up. They really have a lot of time on their hands in Switzerland, don’t they? The best bit is at the end:


If they’re going to play 70s bands, they should really do Earth, Rind and Fire.


Or Geneswiss.


Or the old standard Presidents of the United States of American Cheese.


Personally, and I know Armando would agree, I prefer Kamembert and Queensreypenaer


Talking Headcheese?


It’s national scrapple day! :D




I can’t be bothered reading through the thousand pages in this thread. But did anyone mention Balut?
Balut is a boiled partially developed bird embryo and is a popular delicacy in the Philippines.


I believe the user name balut may have done so.


Has this guy made it into the thread yet? He has an entire YT channel devoted to eating MREs and old military rations. Here, he eats a ration package (or part of it) from the 1899-1902 Boer Wars. It’s the second oldest thing he’s tried (first was a ACW hardtack cracker that he described as “tasting like mothballs and old library books”). This one is more entertaining though, mostly due to him blasting past the alarms his nose is giving him.


I love that guy’s videos.


Iceberg, iceberg, baby…


Yep… Just to be on the safe side, i’ll stay away from ALL salads for the next few weeks!


I mean, do you realize how astronomically low your chances of getting sick are? And then even if you did, how astronomically low your chances of any serious consequences would be? And that’s just Romaine. There have been no reports of other types of lettuce making anyone sick. Why would everyone need to avoid it for a few weeks? That’s just being overly cautious on top of being overly cautious, no? shrug


It’s also disgusting.


Getting a foodborne illness is actually pretty common… Dying from it though… not as common. I think avoiding Romaine lettuce for awhile seems like a reasonable approach to me, unless you know the source of course. If you know how it was grown and it’s not sitting in cow shit water, well sure go for it.


Now that I can probably eat it with no issues, I’m reminded that I don’t actually like it.


This was. . . not my favorite thing I’ve ever watched.

It really draws out the opening dialogue sections, but the actual disassembly is surprisingly unpleasant!