Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


But ultimately, it looks like crab fried rice. I’d eat it.


The only way I would eat something I knew started looking like that is in the mist of an apocalypse, I’ve been cursed because I wasn’t taken out with whatever disaster started this hellish time on earth, and every vegetable, fruit, seed and root on the planet is somehow not available to sustain me.


Other than level of familiarity, is it really that different from crab or lobster or shrimp? It’s a bug. Turns out, at least some bugs are pretty tasty.

(ok, crustacean, not bug, but whatever ;) )


Yes because it doesn’t look anything like a crab a lobster or a shrimp. You’re trying to be rational with the irrational. That looks like something that goes squish when you step on it.


I thought the same. Watching it I was like, “wow, so like crab or lobster.”

I would try it at least. That video is a tease by the way, the newcomer guy filming didn’t even try it. Someone that goes through sharing that knowledge with you … dude, honor the man and at least try a bite.


It basically looks like a radroach to me.


That’s clearly a meatbug from the Gothic games.


If not for the familiarity, do crabs and lobsters actually look like something you’d want to eat?


Lobsters are disgusting, and only fit for prisoners and slaves.


I’d probably eat it, but I have to say I was disappointed in how little meat there was inside. I thought maybe it’d have nice big chunks inside, since the body was so compact.


I’d eat it all chopped up in fried rice with no issues. (Add me to the list of disappointed people that the video guy didn’t actually sample any of it.) I also agree with @Timex that it seemed like a pathetically small amount of meat for the effort.


Horeshoe crabs are similar. I don’t believe there’s actually any edible meat on them at all. Just sweet, sweet blood.


The keyword in that is roach.

Well they don’t look like roaches or anything related to a roach. Most people focus on the tail and the claws for a lobster anyway. I mean the body shapes are just… different.


When it comes to seafood, I think everything looks weird or gross compared to familiar land-based food. Crabs? Ugh. Oysters? Nasty. Even fish! They have weird eyes and slick skin and they swim in poop and pee their whole lives. Blech.

But I’ll eat every single one of them.


That’s like eating the aliens from Independence Day.


Welcome to earth my plate


I am in full agreement with all of this.

I wouldn’t want to prepare it from scratch, but would merrily munch on some at least.


I don’t think I could eat something that clearly belongs in a museum next to the trilobites. Wait a minute, that’s what this thing looks like, a trilobite.


I would totally eat a trilobite.


Might be a little hard on the teeth, being fossilized and all.