Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


I mean i pretty well subscribe to the ‘I’ll try anything that’s not poisonous once’. So, yeah, I’d eat that. And I’d eat a trilobite too.


At least you won’t get indigestion, with all that calcium carbonate and whatever.


I think the thing is that on its back, it’s big… but a lot of it is just a dome shell, while the actual body is fairly small under that shell in the middle.

Stupid evolution not making things meaty enough.


So file this under, Things I Should Not Drink Excessively.

For a few months I’d been having, ah, digestive issues. Loose bowels, let’s say. Anyway, I was pretty sure it had a food based cause. I started to avoid certain foods but nothing worked. Then I decided to cut out the liter or so of diet coke I drank every day. I thought it was the caffeine. I switched to caff free diet coke. No change. So I switched to club soda. I like bubbles in my water. A few days later, symptoms gone.

I can have my diet coke every now and then. But not as my go to drink. It’s also cheaper in the long run.


Fake sugar is bad.

However, if you want something like soda, which isn’t terrible for you, i would strongly recommend the flavored seltzer from Polar.


My loose bowels basically stopped when I quit drinking non-lactose-free milk. I may have stopped drinking two-liters of Diet Coke at about the same time. So I dunno.


Sugar free candy will do the same thing but faster. It’s the fake stuff for sure, as mentioned.


Yeah, I get the aspartame connection. This is just another example of this old body corroding away. As of last year I could do a liter or more of diet coke a day with no issues. Before that two liters and coffee. In my IT days I lived off of DC. Not any more.


I’ve had a cough for about 4 weeks now. According to my sister’s provider, as we get older this stuff just lingers on longer. I figure when I finally hit 60 i’ll just spend half the year with the symptoms of a cold around.


My doctor gave me antibiotics for my last “cold”. But it had also spread to my ears by that point. I smoke so I get bronchitis a lot, but the ear infection was a new experience.


Ugh, yeah, I had a head cold linger for about 4 weeks earlier this fall. It sucked ass. Doc prescribed antibiotics, like @YakAttack’s, but it wasn’t really them that cleared it up in the end: just time and rest.

My extremely sincere condolences, Rich. I am extremely worried tonight because I only have 2 2 liters and 3 16.9oz bottles of Diet Coke to last me through Sunday afternoon’s grocery trip (and I’m planning on having lunch with a friend tomorrow, dinner out on Thursday/Friday, and have a work holiday party Saturday night!). I am full-on addicted to this shit. If I had to give it up. . .



I do my best not contribute to the humanity’s super-bug problems.

I don’t know how you guys managed to even drink Diet Coke let alone develop these addictions.


I don’t get the Diet Coke love either. Do you guys prefer Diet Coke over regular Coke? What about Coke Zero? I avoided all diet drinks until recently because they tasted awful to me, but Cherry Coke Zero or Dr. Pepper TEN actually came pretty close to the originals when I’ve had them. Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi though, abominations!


Absolutely. Diet Coke is my soda of choice by a large margin. Can’t stand the taste of regular Coke or any version of Pepsi. Coke Zero is acceptable in a pinch, as is Dr. Pepper (regular or diet). Past that, any brand of lemon lime or root beer is ok, but I’m more likely to stick to water if that’s all that’s available.


Diet Coke is essentially the only soda flavor I really enjoy. Diet Sprite is okay, but becomes acrid after awhile. Everything else I’ve tried is either way too sweet and cloying (e.g. Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper) or just has a weird and unpleasant taste (orange sodas, root beer, Dr Pepper again).


Diet Pepsi. Not long ago I tried to cut back, but soon reverted to form. Diet Dr. Pepper is fine. Diet Coke only if there’s absolutely nothing else available. (Even though I have a raging sweet tooth, I don’t like sugary, carbonated drinks. They have to be diet.)


Another vote for diet pepsi. I don’t like diet soda that approximates sugary drinks. Diet Pepsi lets you know in no uncertain terms it is artificial. That harsh metallic tang is unmistakable.


If I drink soda at all, which is rare, it’s Root Beer first, Ginger Ale second, some fruit flavor (usually orange), Sprite/7 Up/equivalent, and then everything else. I don’t dislike cola flavor, but it just does nothing for me. If I have a Coke or Pepsi or even RC Cola, it’s probably because my host had nothing else that I was willing to mix with the Jack Daniels.


For cola flavor without all the sugar, it’s all about this:


I tried the LaCroix Cola. I like many of their flavors, but that one just didn’t work for me. Tasted like flat root beer.