Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


All the LaCroix flavors I’ve ever tried taste like soda water that’s (maybe) been in the same room as something that actually has the flavor LaCroix claims to have.


Personally, I was ready to hate the lacola, but was pleasantly surprised. But YMMV of course.


There is a twitter thread that was posted here with joke after joke comparing the taste of LaCroix to various things. I finally tried some myself and it’s exactly like smelling the end product in question while drinking seltzer water.

Not a huge fan of plain sparkling water so it’s not something I will be buying again.


Quite right!


Regular Coke tastes good, but makes me hyper/jumpy/unproductive due to all the sugar. I can’t work if I feel this way. Also, I find the sugary stuff will give you chronic gingivitis, which is dangerous because it (no joke) has been linked to heart disease. Plus gingivitis is really yucky.

My preferred method is to mix a little root beer or Dr Pepper into my Diet Coke at a fountain. That way I do get a little bit of sugar, but not enough to make me feel bad.

OTOH, both regular Coke and Diet Coke have been linked to diabetes. So keep that in mind.


All their fruit flavors make me think that this is what a robot would think a strawberry or a kiwi would taste like, like someone who read about fruit but never actually tasted it. (totally stole this explanation from younger sister because I agree with her.)


They have no sugar, right? A lot of the “flavor” of fruit is from the natural sweetness. If you take that away, you get this essence/aromatics tasting stuff. I don’t find LaCroix hugely different from what you get when you throw the rind or a small wedge of something into your water. A hint of the flavor, but no sweetness.


I prefer Diet Coke over regular for two reasons. First, I don’t need any more sugar in my diet. Second, the HFC in regular leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.


They’re usually either no sugar or low sugar. I forget which these are. They definitely have too little sugar when it comes to what the actual fruit has.

I have an addiction to fizz and slight caffeine, but since I can’t stand diet sodas or sparkling whatever I usually go full sugar Pepsi or water. I actually like the taste of most water, Midwest water and Florida water is weird though… but no fizz :-(


I think the tap water in my neighborhood is drawn, unfiltered, from a holding pond. That gators pee in.


This is why I always recommend Polar brand Seltzer if you want flavored Seltzer.

I don’t actually know how they do it, but their flavors somehow overcome what you describe here. They even have flavors like orange vanilla that tastes like a creamsickle… And i honestly don’t know how they do it, since they have no sweeteners at all.

All i know is that their stuff tastes way better than any of the other brands, which all have a weird fake taste to them.


I’ll have to try this stuff if they have it here.

Edit: And it’s here. Cool.


You’ll have to let us know what you think. WalMart carries it so it’s probably wildly available. Lass time I bought flavored sparkling water I couldn’t give it away once I rejected it.


I find most flavors of La Croix decent enough to drink. Polar is pretty good too. There are some really good flavors out there.

Spindrift is high on my list. I see them a lot in my local Starbuckses, so I assume they are available fairly widely nationally. They are flavored with fruit juice, so they have trace amounts of sugar and some calories (depending on flavor).


Agree that Polar have stronger tastes, but they seem to lose their fizz much faster than most seltzers. New York Seltzer are also pretty good. LaCroix is weaker flavor, but seem to hold fizz longer.

I also really like the flavored Schwepps. Especially their cherry.

And Poland Springs is not very good.

I’ve tried every damned brand I can find, trying to wean myself off of Coca-Cola. But I have to have fizz, and I want a strong flavor. Doesn’t have to be cola flavor, though I’d like to find one that tastes good and does not have sugar. I can’t figure out why Coke doesn’t try to market one with no sugar AND no other sweeteners. I’m sorry, but Coke Zero tastes nothing like Coke (tastes closer to shit than to Coke). And I refuse to drink anything with aspartame in it. Stevia I can tolerate, but the aftertaste is still pretty bad.


This is not technically food, and you should also not ingest it.


Sold out :(




Really. Next I want a log from Long John Silver that makes my whole house smell like fried fish.


Cinnamon, mulling spice, mint, gingerbread… these are scents that refresh a house. Fried chicken for like 10-12 hours… that might actually turn my stomach.

During part of college, I worked in a Safeway deli. I know too well what grease and chicken smells like.