Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


That was really interesting. I look forward to watching more of his videos.

There was a time in college that I would routinely consume “floor pizza”, which was delivery pizza left out in the cardboard box on the floor for multiple days. I never experienced any distress from this, though I hear it was gross. As I understand it, lightly-sauced pizza in the open air is a much drier environment than pasta with tomato sauce in a tupperware container, so it is less likely to grow deadly pathogens, but I still might have gotten off easy.


Okay well now I’m properly spooked.


I did the same, until one day I opened a box and a roach ran out.


My aversion to congealed cheese means I don’t even eat breakfast pizza from the fridge, let alone several day old pizza.


Breakfast leftover pizza:

2 pizza slices
hot sauce
crushed potato chips

Heat up a pan.Place crushed chips on one slice, sauce to taste. Second slice, crust up on top. Place in pan. Press down. Cook like grilled cheese. Flip. Eat and enjoy.


You’re a goddamned genius


Potato chips are actually a useful ingredient for various things as a potato substitute.

I’ve made a Spanish tortilla using potato chips, and it’s ridiculously easy compared to hand slicing potatoes. Honestly, the end result is better in a lot of ways because the potatoes are guaranteed to be cooked consistently.

There are a lot of versions of the thing, but this is one. It’s a really good dish to take to pot-lucks, as it serves up well cold.


Kenji has a similar recipe that I have tried and thought worked well.


I am honored, sir.


Let this be a lesson to us all:


Well, so much for dinner.


My first thought was, “Pretty sure catfish have poison spines or something,” and it turns out my father was correct when he told me that so long ago.


I don’t understand why anyone would eat a live fish and certainly not pet fish, and yes i understand they were drinking and/or high but it says there is a history of this silly thing.


Let’s get back to the roots of this thread:


That looks utterly disgusting.


I know someone who is weirded out by bones… this is horrific, kind hits my oh god gross meter… sort of tempted to see if this might actually trigger his gag reflex. Is that too mean?


Depends upon where you do it. Your home: Hell no! His home: Hell yes! And record it for greatness.


Bah. I don’t live next to him, and his girl won’t do it. She said…

he still eats chicken
want to keep it that way;p
he is almost removed pork other than bacon
we need some meat allowed around here

I know I am right about this. His expressions would be priceless with this!


I would probably try that. I mean, really, the only gross part is, “whole chicken,” which makes you think, okay no, I don’t want that from a can. But I eat this stuff semi-often:

And I’ve had it canned and in the foil pack, similar to tuna. It’s not horrible. Sue Bee also makes a canned whole chicken, a canned boned chicken, and chunk chicken. Based on the taste of the chicken breast packs, I’d probably try all the others too.

Strangely, I would describe the taste somewhere between tuna and chicken, and I think that has more to do with the canning process than anything. It makes really good chicken salad, for what it’s worth. Having a canned meat works well in a pinch, so again, I’m not sure I would thumb my nose at that if it came down to that or nothing.


It’s the gelatinous broth that turns me off.