Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food

I’ve had these. I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re really hot, but not the hottest thing I’ve ever had.

They sell those in Tokyo. The Black package version I think is hotter.

I guess this goes here even though I think Nathan’s dogs are great.

Chestnut, competitive eating’s biggest star who is known as “Jaws,” has won the event eight years in a row. He reportedly agreed to a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods, a company that makes plant-based hot dogs, and a competing company to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs.

“It would be like Michael Jordan saying to Nike, ‘I’m going to represent Adidas, too,’” MLE event organizer George Shea said.

Danes aren’t known for their spice tolerance.

The buldak 3x is kinda at the top of my spice tolerance, which is above average but not nearly at the level of more extreme heat seekers. It’s borderline for me, unless I really want to clear some blocked sinuses. The regular or the 2x is plenty for me.

Color me intrigued. Would these be sold at Fred Meyer or any other local stores?

Can’t remember if I’ve seen it at Fred Meyer but definitely at Asian grocery stores. H Mart is probably the most reliable (since it’s Korean) but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the 3x at Uwajimaya too.

I was out shopping and decided to get a can of Chef Boyardee mini ravioli because that was going to be lunch. I think I last had this stuff as a university student which is something like four decades ago. It was awful.

Yes, mushy and the sauce was not as tasty as I remembered. I wondered if I just had different tastes as a kid or if the recipes changed.

The Chef Boyardee stuff is so much sweeter than I remember it from years ago…which probably means I’m the one who has changed. If I eat it now, I usually dump a bunch of cheese in it and/or use big hunks of bread to soak up the sauce. Partial mitigation for the overly sweet taste.

That’s the same reaction I had. Now it could be that we’re just both old farts, but I would not at all be surprised if the actual recipe used has changed as @wisefool speculated.

Oh, I know we’re old farts! :) But as you say, maybe also the recipe thing.

Eh, sugar is addictive, probably it’s both. They added sugar to hook kids and your palates grew up. I’m still sore about when they did the same thing to Heinz 57 sauce in the 80s, and I know that was the recipe because my whole family liked it and then we simultaneously stopped liking it, child and adult.

Maybe it’s because of the transfats regulation changes? Transfats had to be listed, but you could hide 0.5g per serving as 0 IIRC

Let’s see,

By January 2020, U.S. food manufacturers would no longer be allowed to sell foods containing partially hydrogenated oil.

I assume they could add “natural” transfats with more meat, but meat is expensive compared to corn oil so they added sugar instead? Probably part of the story.

I tried them 45 years later (I’d last had them as a child). They were terrible then and are even worse with an adult palate now.

I still like them. I eat a can maybe twice a year, but it still works for me if I don’t have the time to make something better.

They’ve tasted the same my whole life near as I can tell. They were never good.

I was always a fan of mixing a can of Beeferoni and Chili Mac, along with a slice or two of American cheese. Was disappointed when CB stopped making Chili Mac.

I do that too!

Amazed that searching “food” actually returns this thread. Anyway, more spicy news:

they don’t actually mention the capsaicin level