Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


How about boiled okra? Never met a slimier vegetable.

And they sure are advertising those Cool Ranch Doritos Loco Tacos(c) a lot on the NCAA games, aren’t they? How are they demonstrably worse than the regular Taco Bell tacos?

Casu marzu.

Since “should never” is distinct from “don’t want to,” I nominate the Bacon Explosion.

I’m not going to ingest one to find out, but the Wait Wait folks took one for the team. My favorite bit:

Peter: I think it’s awful that we’re raising a generation for whom the word “ranch” will mean “extra salty.”

Oh my I love mushrooms. One of nature’s best inventions (as long as you don’t eat the poisonous ones)


Anything that has appeared in this blog.

I have one:

Fermented (read: rotting) fish that smells like feces and can kill you if “prepared incorrectly”

My dad loves boiled okra, so mom made it often when I was a kid. Eating boiled or steamed whole pods is very much like eating a caterpillar.

Hakarl, apparently.

Anything nature can not grow all by itself?

Nature does not grow Wheat Thins. Ergo your hypothesis is disproved.

Sea Cucumber. Barf.

and it smells like piss! Fesikh with a side of Hakarl, the perfect kids meal!

I have no idea what that tastes like, but when I’ve seen them while diving, they’ve always strongly resembled sea turds.

Well, then, you know exactly what they taste like! A sandy sea turd!

Yeah, I had the “pleasure” of holding one in the Caribbean. It’s essentially what I’d imagine a giant firm turd to feel like. The wife refused the honor. But she did have a stingray spit in her face, so the trip wasn’t a total loss.

Or how about bread? There aren’t many things better than fresh yeast leavened bread.

Yeah, eff that, Fungi are great. How often do you get to eat something* from a whole other biological kingdom? There are few enough as it is!

*Eat rather than ingest. Bacteria may go in yout mouth, but they aren’t delicious.