Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


It was more of a don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing. The owners pretty much knew. The workers were younger. And they were told that the rats were pets not feeders.


Paying for rats in New York feels so wrong.


Well I didn’t want to poison Buffy. :)


I thought most pet stores sold feeder mice, rats, crickets, fish, etc.


I’m sure they do. This was a local, mom and pop shop. Maybe their kids worked there. Wanted to save them some stress?



I’d just like to mention that I find it delightful that an adult moose is the standard of measure for pastry size.


Instead of grande, venti and tall, it’s caribou, wapiti and moose.


This is a repost so we may have seen it here already, but it feels worth repeating, to ensure everyone possible has been warned.


I’ve been known to get a Frosty on the way home from the bar. But I never even considered combining the Frosty and the drinking.


Without reading the article I’m gonna go with Maker’s Mark.

Edit: Having now read the article, Fernet Branca? Are you nuts?


Yeah yours makes more sense. I could have also seen a coconut rum, or even a Kahlua.

Never heard of that one before.


Damn hipsters and their fernet.


Or Fangelico or Grand Marnier. Depends on the frosty flavor.


I’m thinking something almondy would work well, but I don’t know liquors.


That’s what I was thinking, Frangelico.

Maybe some amaretto. Bailey’s. Kahlua. Creme de menthe. I dunno, there’s a lot of “chocolate” mixed drinks out there so I imagine remove the chocolate stuff from the drink recipe and sub in Wendy’s frosty and Bob’s your uncle.


I don’t like Kahlua much, but amaretto or any minty drink should work well.


Fernet is upscale Jagermeister. Full of medicinal tasting herbs and the like. Literally the worst thing to combine with a milk based product. Think Nyquil and heavy cream.


The US is falling behind the rest of the world. Where’s our breakfast chicken-mac-and-cheese?


My husband is still irritated that he can’t order a cheeseburger at McDonalds at 9:00 AM even though they went to the effort of offering breakfast all day.