Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


I thought Burger King actually does serve burgers at breakfast?


Do they? I dunno, we’ve never actually checked. Of course we don’t live around the corner from a BK anymore. But we do live around the corner from this most non-McDonald’s looking McDonald’s ever.


What on earth. I’ve been to MANY McDonald’s in multiple countries. I’ve never seen one that looked like a real estate or insurance office.

By the way, the coolest location was in Rome not far from the Spanish Steps. It has awesome art and wine and beer. Not your typical McDonald’s.


There used to be mornings where I’d make something like this from leftovers for breakfast.

But these days it’s rare to have any mac and cheese or fried chicken left over.


I’m with your Husband here, breakfast burger high five!


And now the Onion is throwing me shade


Don’t eat the Spam®!

I actually really like Spam, but I prefer mine without “metal objects” inside.



I’ve not actually tried these, because my taste buds haven’t done anything to deserve that kind of treatment.


Ha. But I expect it just tastes like salt, pepper, and umami.


I want to try those now and I’ve never even been within a mile of Haggis.


That you know of.

Think aboot eet.


I’ll admit it’s entirely possible I drove past one in a building without realizing it.



Outside of the shape, there is nothing donut-like about it. The sauces sound good, but nothing especially “donut-y” about the whole thing. It’s just a ring of fried chicken.



I’m with @nKoan, my GF made ground chicken into a taco shell, a donut of chicken is nothing to me. Easy peesy.


Go on…


As the story goes, she heard some obscure news story on Taco Bell making taco shells from chicken for the new chalupa. It’s now a menu item, but back then it was just a story so to speak. So one Friday evening after she and I had partaken of great beverages and other things, she says, “I think I can make that taco shell with ground chicken.” I played my part with, “I dare ya. I don’t think you can.”

And so she did:

To top it off, she used crushed Doritoes as the breading prior to frying. Lessons were learned from it, should she ever attempt it again, but it was quite good.



There are times when I don’t deserve that woman. That night was one of them. She came out of the kitchen with that and I briefly considered proposing right then, but thankfully held off for a more appropriate venue for that.


Wow, kudos!!