Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


So beer? Finally, coffee I can enjoy.


Maybe brew with heat?

I don’t know. I’m trying to thing of a general definition for tea that includes herbal tea but excludes all this other stuff. Coffee is the hardest thing to exclude for me so far.

Because I don’t know if I want to give up on herbal teas being called tea but wisefool has a good point about the plant is actually called tea. I want milk to be more generic too but I can see the same arguments.

Nut milks seem to make sense, but you could, laughably again, argue that coffee is milk, if almond milk is milk.


Tea is an infusion, and soup is not, for what it’s worth.


Beer uses heat in its process.


I give up.

Something something infusion, probably. Miramon gets a nod for that.


Behold! Dog tea!


Yeah, this is the correct response, I think :)


Broth and stock, however.

Add 2 quarts chicken tea to your pot and simmer for 5 minutes.


Now that I think of it, heat is used to distill liquor. So bourbon is tea. BRB making a cuppa. :)


The horror.


This sounds like the poorly translated instructions on many asian grocery items. :)


Don’t you guys start changing the definition of tea, otherwise my new range of spider-flavored teas is never going to take off.


Spider tisanes.

But tisane is a stupid word and nobody really uses it.


I prefer the common usage, chicken juice.



Question: Apocalypse! The world has been overrun by zombies/decimated by an engineered disease/Republicans. You find refuge in a warehouse that’s easily defended. You bring with you all that you need, weapons, ammo, etc. But you have next to no food. You discover a nearly limitless supply of that canned chicken. And bottled water as well.

What do you do?


Republicans taste more like chicken that that canned stuff.


Use the napalm to BBQ those suckers! And die from cholesterol induced heart failure before the zombies get you, of course.


Die, horribly, almost immediately. I have no survival skills whatsoever and no desire to learn them on the fly.




Necco Wafers, the candy everybody loves to hate is maybe done for?

I don’t know if it’s still the case, but those chalk-candy hearts seem like they’re such a fixture in children’s Valentines tradition, they’d be a license to print (modest amounts) of money. I imagine the new owners will want to retain that part of the business, even if the iconic Necco Wafers are no more.