Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food



Is there actually a hot dog in there? No thanks, that’s vile.


Yes, Hellmann’s has frozen over. Mayonnaise ice cream is here.

The mind boggles. Why?


The blessed/wretched flavor is the work of Ice, an ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland.

What other dessert would you have after haggis?


Deep fried Mars bars, obviously.


Has anyone here actually had that? Or seen it on a menu?
Is it breaded / frozen or something before it goes in the deep fryer?

I’ve been to Scotland a few times and have seen deep fried pizzas, burger, sausages, haggis and black pudding, but no mars bars yet.


When I was young and saw signs for deep fried Snickers or deep fried ice cream (basically only at the state fair), I also wracked my brain trying to figure it out. I imagined someone putting a Snickers bar into a deep fryer and the thing immediately melting and disintegrating into the oil.

Much later, I did find out that they do coat them with dough before frying them. Which makes sense, but it also basically makes them donuts with candy bars inside, which is much less cool-sounding than “deep fried Snickers.”


I’ve had deep fried Mars bars at a restaurant in Copenhagen. I’ve also served it to dinner guests myself. It’s surprisingly good with a good vanilla ice cream.


They batter fish before frying them as well.

As it happens I just watched a Scottish film in which deep fried ice cream is key to the denoument.


They have some items on the menu, but essentially anything you bring in they will batter and deep fry. Not M&Ms though, they just dissolve in the oil. I’ve had deep fried mac and cheese, pizza and Oreos there. Among other things.


I was… tempted.

Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms, on occasion, is bad enough.


Man, they’re gonna get sued when some kid chokes on the horn.


Does it make you poop rainbows? Asking for a friend.




Alas I was unaware of this on my recent trip to Japan:




I want to try some


All yours.


I’d try the wasabi. The chicken wing flavor does not sound good.

If you find a pack, or I do, we should make it happen. Because the novelty might wear thin if I ate a pack myself.


Yeah I want to try one. Probably not two. Definitely not a full sleeve.