Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food




Yep. I tried it. It was 10 dollars so I thought hey, why not.

Soylent is a meal-replacement beverage. My purpose, to find something other than Pepsi to start my day because habit has kind of led me to a late start on food and a tendency to just work until I realize it’s been awhile since I had a full break.

The result. This is a product that came out of the Silicon Valley from someone who thinks eating is inefficient. Think Slimfast except well a guy made it. It’s tech related and therefore marketed differently, is formulated through science! and is supposed to appeal more to guys. It also costs a lot more.

It’s technically food that’s not… food?

Oh it also has some awful side affects. It’s totally real, and I won’t go into details. It doesn’t taste good either but it’s not… horrible, just those umm, side effects are. Oh wells, back to finding a way to make myself eat something nutritious in the morning. Not sure I can bring myself to finish the last couple.


I got a couple of cases of Soylent as a gift and thankfully didn’t suffer negative effects from any of it. I actually liked the flavor, reminded me of the bottom of a bowl of cheerios. I just didn’t have much of a need for it.

Your experience did remind me of Olestra though, which is definitely in the category of things you should never ingest. The ‘science’ said it only affected a tiny portion of the populace negatively but whatever, I guess I was in the tiny portion size because it not only caused terrible cramping but was absolutely disgusting in terms of unintended byproducts.


I wonder if the side effects are due to something in Soylent itself, or if they are natural side effects from switching to a more liquid diet?

I’ve always loved the idea of more “efficient” food. Like, if I could guarantee that my body was getting the nutrients it needs, I’d gladly eat meal replacement shakes or flavorless nutrient bricks instead of worrying whether my fats/carbs/proteins are in balance. Unfortunately, all the current offerings in this space, Soylent included, don’t really fulfill that need.

Sigh, maybe we actually evolved the way we should and trying to short-circuit that is a fool’s errand.


It’s Soylent. I don’t believe in drastic changes like that, and I looked it up. I have only tried it for a few days as a breakfast replacement. It also worked through lunch too. That part works pretty well if it wasn’t for the other thing. Soylent apparently has some known issues which they are partially addressed with 2.0 version. Hell they even version their product like a tech company.


Hahaha, I bet they’ve talked about how to approach patching. “We’ll just send every existing customer this chemical packet to mix into their drinks until we can get 3.0 out the door!”


I’ll admit the way too nerd in me, at least compared to family and most friends,was kind of curious about what a product like this might be like from a group that approached it… differently, trying to solve not the diet issues so much as no food. I am disappointed it doesn’t work for me. I am not, entirely surprised because the ingredient list just looks… surreal. I question if there is much natural about this at all.

I do think having something easy to just pull out of the fridge that is not Pepsi might still work. And the fact I was not hungry for almost, want to say 5 hours, suggests this high calorie but is a meal replacement drink does work in that regard. Something in though… yikes. The blogger sphere, which I only discover when I Google, says that is not a rare occurrence.


Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee, Nesrie? It’s infinitely healthier than a Pepsi, and it will also keep you feeling full for hours.

Don’t bother ordering anything – it’s just (good) butter in hot coffee.


Or the packet contains a cork.


I don’t do Coffee; I can’t stand the taste. Pepsi is my caffeine of choice because all the others are counter to my tongues acceptance levels, including nearly all teas.


No tea? I’d literally die.

I say as I’m drinking my fourth mug of the day.


At my previous site, someone accused me once of drinking all the coffee and not replacing it. My whole team just laughed at them. It was just completely made-up BS. Everyone how knows me knows I won’t drink it. I’ve thrown out blizzards, cakes, wonderful and beautiful desserts ruined by that black sludge.

I wasn’t even sure how to make it for a long time. Growing up, my parents just told me to put the new grindings on top of yesterday’s old ones, sometimes even 2-3 days worth, fill the pot with water, pour it into the reservoir and turn it on. Years later, I found out a lot of other coffee drinkers claim my parents drank battery acid, and that’s not coffee.

I’ve tried it in other countries though… and it’s awful. Smells good though. Total let down compared to the scent.


Yeah I have no coffee taste myself. It all tastes the same to me. Good, bad, no difference.

I’ve started to develop a tolerance for it, ironically through beer. As I love dark beers, and many stouts and porters love to add coffee flavor, I’ve become accustomed to the taste. Still prefer my tea, but can tolerate coffee.


I think Armando and I are fairly similar in this area. If it requires me to acquire a taste for something, I simply did not acquire it. Tea, coffee and most alcohols I simply do not like. I can tolerate some of the sweet things, cocktails, hard ciders (only a select few), hard lemonades but mostly I would just prefer a Pepsi.

This is also the reason a lot of these protein, meal replacement and diet drinks don’t work for me. They’re just… awful. The taste of Soylent, non coffee versions, were actually okay.


Speaking of acquiring a taste, I grew up Mormon and didn’t fully leave until just a couple of years ago, and the church forbids coffee, tea, and alcohol. So it’s been an interesting experience starting to try these “adult” drinks when my palate was drawn to milkshakes, soda, chocolate milk, and water. I started with Chai lattes which eased me into things, and now I’ve slowly found a taste for coffee, but I need a couple of sugars and some cream to get the taste I like. My friends laugh because I’ll order a Moscow Mule or Margarita with half the alcohol, and the waiter or waitress usually thinks I’m nuts.


Hah, I was scrolling through ready to back you up, @Nesrie. Coffee is hot garbage. Well, sometimes it’s cold garbage nowadays. Fuckin hipsters. In any case, it all tastes uniformly horrible.

I was going to suggest maybe trying caffeine pills. I’ve been trying to get my gf to drink more water, which she almost never does (she basically lives on a diet of heavily creamered coffee, trail mix, and frozen pizza when I’m not around to feed and water her, hah), and she finally started making the switch from awful “espresso shot” canned drinks to kickstart her days to caffeine pills with a bottle of cold water. It’s working okay, though it’s worth noting that most people metabolize the pills a little differently than, say, a 20oz of soda drank over a 30-minute timeframe.


I doubt that the waitpeople think you’re nuts. That’s how my wife drinks. We have a regular bar so she only has to mention it if someone new is working. Nothing wrong with asking for a weaker drink.


This is probably your fault. How can anything someone else makes be satisfying when you’re around?

It takes me probably 1-2 hours to drink my Pepsi. My dentist does not approve although I have pretty good teeth actually. I used to do green shakes. in the morning… but effort. The protein powders were gross, and the peanut butter ones weird. Ugh, caffeine pills might be better for me than my soda passion… because of the no sugar. It’s probably more caffeine than I am used too too.

I should try that. I do like weak drinks. The one at the theater was so strong but it’s a pre-mix.


And let’s face it, you’re doing the bar a favor. They get to keep the extra and sell it to someone else.


I mean, I try to leave her leftovers, too, but, not to get too heavy for a fun thread, depression can make even just microwaving stuff feel impossibly hard :(

A lot of the ones I’ve seen can be pretty easily halved to reduce the dosage. I think there are also more dosages available if you don’t mind buying online.

Something worth exploring. I’m not gonna fault anyone for their caffeine habit. I wouldn’t be human without it :)


They usually do a double-take or ask if I’m sure. Maybe it’s just the places I’ve gone. And it’s strange, my wife and I left the church about the same time, started drinking alcohol and coffee about the same time, but the taste of alcohol doesn’t bother her at all.