Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food


This is totally and completely me except that I like most pop (I’m from Minnesota!) not just Pepsi and that I don’t mind coffee flavor in stuff but I can only drink coffee if it’s basically got chocolate with a shot of coffee. I never know what to do when I’m told to use wine in a recipe. “Use wine you would drink, not cooking wine”—um, there is no wine I would willingly drink.


You guys are nuts. Black coffee is delicious. It took a while for my palate to adapt, but I’m a borderline coffee snob these days.


See I know all about wine, and enjoy a variety. So, naturally, I use a fair amount in my cooking.

It helps I do a lot of French and Italian style dishes though. Typically a Pinot Grigio for white wine dishes, and a Cabernet Sauvignon or merlot for red wine dishes.


I buy whatever the heck is on sale in those tiny bottles and shove it in my cupboard until I need it. i have no idea what I am buying white is white, red is red. heh.


That just means to buy it in a liquor store instead of a grocery store. “Cooking wine” is just really bad wine, and then they add salt to make it…worse? I don’t get the logic, but that’s what it is.


The wife and her friends have gotten into boxed wine. I like to call it cardbordeaux.


I’m actually allergic to coffee. Tea too. Doctor says it is one of the other trace stimulants in them both. They go down, and about 15 seconds later they come back up…violently.

Which is fine with me, they both taste like shit anyway.


Whelp you certainly made me very thankful that I don’t have that.I was able to consume ocha, green tea, for months when I had to and then promptly decided to never drink it again because damn I just wanted water.


Haha yeah, its unpleasant. I have an uncle who tried to “man me up” when I was 15 by forcing me to drink coffee. He regretted it.


Coffee man’s someone up huh? That’s interesting. I really thought that was the role of beer which is, also disgusting.

For my little sister, my dad really wanted her to eat steak as soon as she had a tooth, no literally one tooth and he’s trying to shove steak in her mouth. The lil sister does like her coffee and alcohol though, perhaps a bit too much.


You can actually get pretty good boxed wine these days. Though that may not be what they’re drinking


No, I’ve tried it. It’s not bad at all.


I used to eat soylent. I’ve reordered it at least once.

The original formula was high in carbs. It vaguely tasted like oatmeal. It was a fine. I like oatmeal. I didn’t bother adding sugar or fruits or whatever to it.

Then they hopped on the carbs bad bandwagon. The current 1.7, for example, has the bulk of the calories coming from oil (canola and algael). 1200 calories from fat, 400 from protein, 100 from carbs.

Compare that to the original which has… 110g of oats, 165g of maltodextrin, 102g of rice protein isolate, and merely 56g of canola. So the original was roughly 20% fat calories, the current is 70%. I can’t eat so much fat, I get bloated and feel bad.


That’s interesting. Maybe the carb one would agree with me more. I did look at some of their competitors. Some of them are very high in sugar or corn syryp, (slimfast / syrup), some of the protein shakes aren’t but are just, well gross, but hey I’ll keep trying things out (tries not to look at her Pepsi, sitting on her desk, right now).


This is kind of a random 3:30 AM thought, but a lot of Hostess and Little Debbie snack cakes are pretty much disgusting now and I’m wondering if I’m the only one that thinks that. Do not get me wrong; I am not a snobby eater. Swiss Rolls have always been one of my favorite foods since I was a kid, but now I honestly can barely stomach them. They just taste fake, waxy, and cloying to me now, and several other varieties are the same.

Have I changed or have they?


I think Hostess changed after emerging from bankruptcy. I was never a big Twinkies guy, but I loved Hostess cupcakes as a kid for the filling and icing. Had some when they came back on the market and those were the worst parts. I’m sure my palate has also changed, but it’s definitely not the only thing.


I feel the same way about many of the snack cakes, but I’m pretty sure it’s more of my tastes changing than the product changing. I can’t identify any particular way in which they’re different, just that I enjoy them less.

Little Debbie cakes are pretty terrible. The chocolate shell tastes like wax, as you noted. On the other hand, if you buy a box, they’re like 50 cents per cake, so I can’t say what else id expect. There are still Hostess cakes that I enjoy today, although I’m now more partial to Zingers than I was in the past because they have a more even frosting distribution. I loved Hostess cupcakes as a kid, but find them too dry today.

Twinkies still largely hold up, for me at least.


I miss foil wrapped Ring Dings.


It’s the only way to keep aliens away from your Ring Ding.


Hostess is pretty much nasty now. Their claims that the unions were the primary reason for the expense and loss of the company seems to be questionable considering how drastically they changed their recipes.