Think my wireless router died

I think the transmitter stopped working as none of the other computers can see it in the ‘view wireless networks’ screen. It’s BEFW11S4 that I got back in 2001 or so and I’ve tried resetting it but it still won’t broadcast. I’m assuming it’s dead because I haven’t dicked around with it for months so I don’t think it’s user error.

Did you try power cycling it?

If it’s dead, buy a new one. They only cost like $30 after rebate these days.

Tin foil hat question: power cycling the same as unplugging/plugging the chord from the unit or do you mean something specific in the router configuration? If it’s the former then yeah I tried that and it still won’t broadcast.

Plugging/unplugging the cord would accomplish a power cycle. The only reason people say power cycle instead of “turn if off” is because a.) it sounds cooler and b.) a lot of devices these days don’t actually power all the way down when a person hits the power button.