Thinking about a PSP

And by “thinking about” I mean “I’m just about ready to drive down and get one.” Any reason why I shouldn’t?

Make sure it has version 1.50 firmware.

Is there any way to even tell that, prior to cracking the box and powering it on? In any event, I’m interested in the features that the 2.0 firmware is supposed to come with (especially the built-in browser) more than emulation, and I’m sure folks will get their emulators running on the new firmware eventually anyway.

Ben, as cool as they are, theres no game support. You’ll love it for the first couple of weeks but then after that its all bluh

Ben let me put it this way. For 250 you can get a pretty good dell PDA. All in all the browser in the PSP is kinda bleh. IMHO at least.

Also what he said about the games. There might be some good ones coming out soon but who knows. I am not holding my breath.

There is a way to tell if you check the label on the box. do some google searching and you should come up with something.

People keep saying that, but there seems to be as much on the PSP as there is for the DS, at least in terms of what interests me. And yeah, there’s a lot of crap, too (on both platforms), but that’s pretty much the way of things with handhelds. Still, there are definitely more games on the PSP that interest me now; the only currently available DS games that grab me are Advance Wars DS and Meteos, so that’s a hard sell. On the PSP, my current picks would be Lumines, Wipeout Pure, Metal Gear Acid, Mercury, and maybe Darkstalkers.

Upcoming for PSP, I’m interested in Lord of the Rings Tactics (!!!), MediEvil, Legend of Heroes, Metal Gear Acid 2, Burnout Legends, and possibly Frantix, Ys, Guilty Gear Judgement, and that Midway Arcade classics pack. The DS seems about even for upcoming games: I’d try the AoE game, Electroplankton, Castlevania DoS, and possibly Trace Memory, Lost in Blue, Animal Crossing DS, that Egg Monsters game, and the new Mario Bros.

I could but I’m really only interested in the web browsing and such as a nice extra–I primarily want a handheld for games. With a PDA, that functionality is reversed. On a PDA, games are the nice extra, but they aren’t the main attraction, and there’s not much AAA content.

I understand the enthusiasm, but I’m just afraid its money waster. I bought one, so I know.

It wasnt one for me but then again I dont play many PSP games on it.

I bought one, so I know probably isn’t the best wording. I mean as kind of a warning. It’s been really disappointing.

In terms of actual games yeah it is. There are some really good ones coming out but it was the same deal with the DS.

The PSP is in the 6 month doldrum period that happens after every console release. Everyone that’s saying “OMG look at all the games coming out for the DS now and there’s nothing for PSP” were complaining about the lack of games for the DS when the PSP came out.

With the european release of the PSP coming up, there’s a bunch of european games that will be coming out (off the top of my head I can think of CMR05, TOCA2 and WRC), and there are several in the pipe for the holiday season.

In terms of actual games yeah it is. There are some really good ones coming out but it was the same deal with the DS.[/quote]

True, but at a much higher price point. It’s easier to take cheaper disappointment. I’ve gotten about as much gaming out of both (if you don’t count GBA games).

Could you be more specific? Are the games (the ones out now, at least) that I listed not any good? I know the PSP has been going through a very dry spell since launch, so I understand why current PSP owners might be sour on it at the moment. But there are at least eight games coming out before the end of the year that I’m interested in, and four out now. That’s way more than I’d even buy in that timeframe, so “no game support” seems like an iffy argument from where I’m sitting.

Well, the games I own:

Coded Arms: terrible control scheme and not very exciting, but it sure is pretty

Lumines: The one app for this system that is a must have. Very addictive

Metal Gear Acid: Fun but gets old really quick. Was very hard on my eyes for some reason. Also one of the only games to make me nauseous after a while

Spider Man 2: meh

Tiger Woods: Excellent golf game with a couple of exceptions: load times and controls. Load times are God AWFUL for Tiger, like you may think it’s actually locked up. I’m not a fan of the True Swing (or whatever its called) where you have to rock the control pad back and forth, especially since the PSP pad is kind of suspect. Otherwise, good game.

Untold Legends: Seems cool at first, but gets boring fast. Nice looking but poorly implemented.

Twisted Metal: Head On: Fun game if you like Twisted Metal. Feels more like Twisted Metal 2 than Black and that’s a good thing.

Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix: Fun but old hat at this point. Playing Underground 2 on a console is about the same experience. It’s great that it’s portable, but that’s about it.

That’s my current collection.

Lumines = Sex
MGA = Pretty good actually

Others? Eh Not really so much.

Actually this is a pretty good description

Metal Gear Acid: Fun but gets old really quick. Was very hard on my eyes for some reason. Also one of the only games to make me nauseous after a while

It also has some pretty bad frame rates in some sections.

I thought so too until E3 hit and there wasn’t shit announced for it. The only sure thing coming this year for me is MGA2. Maybe Medievil if it gets good reviews.

Yeah the DS had a dry spell but there was tons of stuff announced at E3 that will be out this year. The PSP horizon is pretty barren for quite a while.

Maybe all of that will change at E3 next year but in the meantime I don’t see mine getting much use.

Fair enough. It doesn’t sound like you guys are interested in Wipeout (which I understand is awesome) or Mercury (I love that sort of puzzley action game, in general). I’m not really interested in Coded Arms or Spider Man, and I don’t like golf (either in the real world, or in games), so those aren’t something I’d even try.

Here’s a random question, though: is the PSP region-encoded? Can you play imports without hacking it?

Lord of the Rings Tactics?!? Maybe I’m the only one jazzed about that, but it looks nifty. Someone on the GAF (as recommended by Dave Long!) put together a list of announced titles on both the PSP and the DS, and there seems to be a lot (for both). Were they just not showing many of these at E3, or have there been a lot of game announcements since?

hotshots is the best PSP game at the moemnt besides lumines.

I have 50 hours racked up on MGA.

I have no idea what I was doing - but it’s a pretty addictive game.

IIRC the games are region free but the UMD movies are not.