Thinking of dumping my PC

I have this existential conflict going on that is begging for emergency venting: I want to dump my desktop PC and replace it with a Mac.

I have a 5 year old iBook that I use for work (digital photography and design) and a desktop PC that I built myself last summer, that I use for games, email and surfing.

The iBook is starting to creak a bit, so I’m casting about for a replacement, and thinking of buying a Mac desktop system and dumping the PC altogether.

I love the Mac! It does what I want it to do, it never complains, and it’s sexy as hell. But I’m also a gamer, and I can’t quite stretch my Mac idolatry tight enough to cover the fact that games on the Mac, if they come at all, leave a lot to be desired.

On the other, other hand, PC gaming has felt a bit stale to me for the last two years, so what would I really be missing? Yet Another RTS with the Same Tired AI Behaviour? FPS Version 7.5 with a Flashier Engine but Recycled Gameplay from Four Years Ago? I feel like I’ve been playing the same 2-3 games over and over again for the last seven years.

I don’t really have the real estate, and it seems a bit silly, to maintain two desktop systems. I wonder what Gabe Kaplan would do?

Wait until next year and get an x86 Mac that you can dual boot with Windows.

If you can’t wait on a new Mac until then, get a Mini and a KVM switch to toggle between the Mini and your PC.

I’d agree with your assessment of PC games. A PowerBook/iBook/Mac Mini + a console (or two) would probably cover 90% of your needs. That last 10% would consist of Latest RTS, Latest MMOG, and Latest FPS. If you can live without those, then you’re probably a lot better served spending $1000 on a PS3, XB360, and a handheld than you are on a PC.

The Mac Mini that I bought is the best computer I have ever purchased.

That’s inspired! Thanks muchly! :)

That’s a great idea, I’ve been using a KVM to switch between my Playing PC and my Working PC for a while now. And that Mac Mini is so small, you probably won’t have space issues.

That $700 price point is awfully tempting, but I haven’t used a Mac in years. There’s something I don’t trust about a system I can’t disassemble & upgrade myself.

The el-cheapo mini is 499.

Yeah, but I’ve learned that I’m always disappointed with the bottom-of-the-line product. You won’t catch me buying the $300 Xbox 360, either.

If you decide to go the Mini/KVM route, Derek Meister has been recommending this KVM switch, looks like a good and inexpensive option:

Grand! Thanks mono :)