ThinkPad Help

Hey all,

Quick thoughts. I’ve got a dead ThinkPad on my hands. I’ll plug it in, and the battery charging/charged light turns on, so it’s definately recieving power. But whenever I try actually turning it on, nothing happens. I’ve tried holding down the “on” button for 30 seconds, everything.

Any guess what might cause this kind of malfunction? If it’s a bad memory or a dead CPU, it would at least POST first, wouldn’t it? But this just won’t even power up at all.


I had the same sort of problem with my T20. It would intermitently fail to start, then finally gave up the ghost entirely. It turned out to be a bad keyboard connection - under the keyboard. They replaced entire keyboard, and it is fine now.


That helped! Took apart my keyboard and power button and put it back together again, and it powered up. Thanks!