Thirty years of horror: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Title Thirty years of horror: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Author Tom Chick and Chris Hornbostel
Posted in Movie reviews
When October 20, 2013

Tom: Depending on how much of a zombie purist you are, you can make the case that Invasion of the Body Snatcher is not really a zombie movie. But it belongs in the discussion. You can see the lines of continuity and the cross-pollination..

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Saw this movie at the drive-in (70s cred!) with my folks when I was a kid and that last scene is still seared in my brain. Glad to hear it holds up so well.

Excellent review. My dad took me to this movie when I was 9 & I'm sure I had freaky nightmares from that point forward.

Why did my dad take a 9 year old to watch that movie? I would never take my son. The cool explanation would be that he was a horror fanatic, but the real reason was he probably was clueless as to how scary this movie is. That last scene with Sutherland and his screech? I still remember it close to 40 years later.

Veronica Cartwright had the rather memorable scene with cherries in Witches of Eastwick.

You didn't pick up the other earlier zombie/alien antecedent film Day of the Triffids.

I haven't seen either version in a long time...10+ years maybe. I've been meaning to re-watch them sometime...maybe this'll get me to dig up the DVDs.

"I’ll admit I was kind of stoked to see that Phil Kaufman was going to address one of my biggest peeves from the first film."

What really disappointed me about the first film is somewhat related: how did Becky fall asleep and get replaced by a fully dressed pod person? Lame!

"They’re more interested in [the] act of running"

That's the only thing I remember from this movie! Other than I think I was engaged throughout the film. I don't even remember when I saw it, but not in the 70s, I was too young.

That's exactly the inconsistency that bothered me. Wait, Becky falls asleep in a cave, then wakes up and she's a replica of herself?