This can't be true, can it?

(Tokyo)- In an announcement early this morning, Nintendo and Sony executives announced that they had come to a legal agreement over the rights to the name ‘Playstation’. The name, which was originaly given to a joint-venture CD rom based add-on for the Super Nintendo, was technically, a joint-owned copyright. Sony has agreed to pay Nintendo 10% of all past and future proceeds made off of the name. This ammounts to a whopping 2.3 billion USD in back-payments. Nintendo will allow Sony to pay the money back in installments instead of a lump sum over the next 20 years. However, Nintendo has plans for their new found source of income. They will immidietly finance a new game studio called ‘The Artists Group’ which will feature members of Sega, Nintendo, Namco, Capcom, Konami, Tecmo, Square-Enix and more to collaborate on projects for Nintendo systems, and exchange copyrighted properties. The first projects announced out of this new studio are a new RPG using various gaming icons as the central charachters, a new Smash Brothers game, featuring mascots from accross the companies, including Pacman, Megaman, Sonic, Mario and more, as well as a new Sega-AM2 developed racing game that will also feature multiple icons from the various companies. The final collaboration is the recently announced Viewtifull Joe from Capcom stuidios. Nintendo has also promised that completely original more collaborations between studios will take place in the future, but for now, they will be focusing on quality content showcasing the newfound bond between the various development houses. Contrary to internet rumors however, Nintendo has not as of yet purchased any software developers, and as such, all members of the Artists Group will be allowed to explore development on other systems of their own accord. More as it develops.

[UPDATED: Wednesday 2:17 18/12/2002]

Um. Wow.

Fairly jaw-dropping… we need that emoticon.

Gaming consolidation?

Video-game industry analysts stoked speculation of a possible buyout Capcom Co. by Nintendo Co., one of the world’s top three game-console makers.

The sector is ripe for consolidation, and a Capcom buyout would substantially boost Nintendo’s position, said James Lin, an analyst with Jeffries & Co. “All of these companies are up for sale, except Microsoft (MSFT: news, chart, profile) and Sony (SNE: news, chart, profile).”

Analysts said Japan-based Nintendo is expected to make a major announcement Tuesday. Officials at both Nintendo and Capcom, of Osaka, Japan, declined comment.

Nintendo could use Capcom’s software to drive buys of its lagging GameCube console.

GameCube is second worldwide but ranked behind Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 2 in the United States, said analyst Paul Kaump, of Doughery & Co. LLC.

Nintendo has suffered because its game software – Pokemon, Super Mario and Donkey Kong – cater to younger children. “They are trying to shake their image a little bit and attract older gamers,” Kaump said.

Capcom, which has created game franchises such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil, would be a logical buy for Nintendo, analysts said.

“Nintendo has to do something to beef up its software,” said analyst Shawn Milne of SoundView Technology.[/b]

Holy shit.


there is nothing on any of the “real” news sites about this yet. We should probably wait before over-reacting.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for confirmation. But it says it was announced, so it’s either true or an outright lie.

Also, they misspelled “immediately” and “studio”. Take that for what it’s worth.

Is there a Japanese console news site that can be consulted?

This might be a very clever hoax. Something this big would probably have been all over the major tech sites by now.


Maybe a hacked page or something, I don’t even see any discussion of it on the site (although it seems fairly low traffic). Still checking around …

The more I look at that news blurb, the more skeptical I get. I mean, it MAY be true, but it seems really unlikely. This story would mean that there was no formal litigation on the matter (because THAT certainly would have been all over the news), and I have trouble believing that Sony would agree to fork over 10% of all the revenues that they have ever made on the PlayStation name just because Nintendo asks them to. It seems unlikely that a court would hand down a judgement that severe over a matter that is, essentially, a trademark dispute. It’s not as though Nintendo had any hand in subsequent development of technology or content for the system. Why would Sony agree to fork over that much money without at least putting up some sort of legal defense?

I’m as concerned about the lack of coverage. This much money between two players is large scale economy affecting-big. This should be big on CNN/MSNBC/whatever right now. They’ve been scooped for like an hour on this huge story? Doesn’t taste right.

Here’s an article from a couple days ago, discussing that Nintendo would drop a “megaton” announcement today (obviously centered around the notion that it would be Capcom-based):

So, it’s possible this is just a hoax based off the anticipation of that announcement (which I had no idea was supposed to be announced anyway).

Plus, didn’t Sony not even come up with the idea of making a game machine until AFTER Nintendo had already said “screw you guys, I’m going home”? If so, this would have to mean that first, Sony and Nintendo had already decided to call the add-on the Nintendo Playstation, and second, that once Sony was ready to market the thing as their own console, they decided to keep the name that would remind them of how Nintendo had kissed them off, and that Nintendo had rights to? [edit] And third, that Nintendo would have waited until NOW to decide they wanted to exercize those rights!

I don’t think so. :roll:

The stock sites don’t mention this news and it is not mentioned in either companies filings.

So no.

Nice hoax, though. It sounds kinda plausible. But yeah, if it was an announcement, there’s no way it doesn’t hit the real news sites ASAP.

No doubt the cut n pasters will run this one straight out to fanboy message boards.

Sounds like someone has some Nintendo stock that they thought was ripe for a pump and dump.

2.3 billion would be front page news at

And this is after hours in the Japanese market, so any public annoucement would have been made already, I’m sure.

It was a great hoax. It rolls together almost all the rumors that have been flying around into one neat package. The crossover games, the companies Nintendo would be working with and of course the rumor that will not die about the Playstation brand.

The only thing about rumors like these is they often have some shred of truth to them. No one, including me, wanted to believe the Dreamcast was going to be phased out when the rumors started flying right after Christmas 2000, but it wasn’t long after that when the real truth came out.


Nintendo is not publicly traded… Just some yahoo Nintendo fan, it seems.