This disc is intended for rental purposes

So I just rented “Get Him to the Greek” and when I tried to watch the gag reel, I got a message that the disc was intended for rental purposes and only included the movie. I would have to buy it to see the extras. First time I’ve ever seen that.

Fuck you, Universal. This does not endear me to your studio.

This seems like an effort to discourage casual pirates who copy everything they rent from Netflix. A misguided effort, sure, but I can kind of see their point.

I’ve had a few Netflix disc’s without director’s commentaries enabled and such, but I haven’t had it happen for any of the big budget stuff. And it’s been so long since I used Netflix for anything but Streaming I can’t even remember which movies these were.

I’m always wary when I get a plain grey “rental only” disc, or a Netflix branded disc. Shit is always missing (like subtitles and stuff).

My Sherlock Holmes “Rental Only” DVD from BlockBuster I believe was in the wrong aspect ratio, 16:9. Not a big difference, but IMDB shows the film was shot in 1.85:1.

Something else to add to the list it seems.

Don’t feel like making a new thread, so I’ll ask here.

Are rented BR discs supposed to have 3-5 trailers that you have to skip manually, and lock the “Go to Title Menu” function of the player? It’s… fucking annoying and I don’t remember that happening on rented DVDs.

It is a new tactic movie producers are using in both dvd and BR movies to encourage you to pirate it instead of waiting through unskippable bullshit.

I’ve been wondering if the non-rental versions have those same unskippable trailers.

I can’t believe the player manufacturers are putting up with that shit, then. There should be no way whatsoever for a disc to lock out the Title Menu function.

I’d imagine they are putting up with it all the way to the bank…

Shit like that is in the spec for DVDs.

Perhaps I didn’t notice it earlier. I wonder if it varies from player to player as well.

Even if the Title or Main Menu functions are locked out, they usually don’t lock out skip track, or fast forward. If I’m going to be in the room, I’ll just track skip them until it goes to menu. If I’m going to leave the room, I just crank fast forward up to it’s highest level and leave, it’ll be at the menu when I get back.

Well yeah, if you couldn’t skip track I’d be absolutely furious instead of just annoyed.

I rented Sherlock Holmes and it had 15 minutes of unskippable trailers before it. I had quite the rage on.

I haven’t done any renting in awhile and recently did another netflix free trial. Dealing with unskippable trailers on three movies was enough for me to give up on it. It’s just not worth it to me. I need to get a good region free dvd player again that ignores those restrictions.

The rental version of Up also had no extras, and told you to buy the DVD to see them.

I rented something where the menu button was disabled along with the skip button. I was glad for the PS3’s ffwd 100x feature then (whatever the speed is exactly).

Just like gaming, the pirates don’t have to deal with this crap.

You scumbags want to rent the DVD and then not buy it??? Have you no respect for the artists?

This is my number one pet peeve with movies at the moment. Its everywhere. I love trailers. I watch them all the time but don’t force me to watch them EVERY time I put in a disk. Whatever movie trailer is on my 8+ year old DVDS, odds are, I’ve seen that movie and possibly already own it and will no longer want to see it again.

And for the love of all that is good, stop with the unskipable logos. No one really cares.

I swear, this almost makes me long for the days of VHS.