This forum need a Parks and Recreation thread

Alright, dammit. This show started off slow, but, like Community continued to get better and is approaching the other big NBC comedies as on that is hilarious every episode.

Aziz Ansari on his own is worth watching the show. There is not a scene he is in that he does not add to. There are no weak parts to the cast and in this second season, they have certainly hit their stride. When Yahoo had one of those “Here is what we think, but have little support to back it up” article saying that it may be on the chopping block, I cringed.

Rashida Jones plays sorta the same type role as she did on The Office and is perfect. Aubrey Plaza who plays the apathetic office worker is brilliant. Andy Pratt is perfect as the lazy-ass x-boyfriend who is a bumbling idiot. Nick Offerman as the politician who hates government has the best mustache and eyebrows in TV.

Many of you probably already watch, but if Community gets its own thread, Parks and Recreation most assuredly deserves one. It is not simply an Office wannabe. ANy of you who stopped after a few episodes last season should catch up…NOW!!!


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I agree and have the same assessment. It started slow and I almost gave it up but man it’s really taking off. I’m loving pretty much all the characters now.

This thread title needs noun-verb agreement.

Shit. I always forget to proofread the title and now it is forever d0med.

Unlike some, I’ve always liked this show, at least a helluva lot more than I’ve liked Community.

Same here. I thought it found it’s footing by the end of the first mini-season of six episodes, and now it’s the comedy I look forward to the most on Thursdays.

And this past episode was brilliant, especially the reveal of “Duke” Silver.

I watched the first 3 last year and gave it a meh. Then I watched 6 in a row on On-Demand with the wife and have never looked back.

And yes, currently and by the end of last season, it is/was substantially better than Community in its current stage. P&R is the very reason I am sticking with Community, however.

Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) makes the show.

Definitely a show that started pretty rocky, but was hitting the ball out of the park by the end of last season. Has remain consistently good this year. I’m glad Louis CK is no the show. He is so awesome.

I was considering posting a thread just to pimp the fact that Louis CK was now apparently going to be a recurring character.

I like this show, but not as much as it’s peers (probably my least favorite of the Thursday line-up, even including newcomer Community). I don’t love Tom as much as Tyjenks does, although I appreciate his character’s role in the show. For whatever reason Poehler’s character is just a shade too unbelievable for me to really buy into. However, I think their boss (Nick Offerman) is absolutely brilliant.

I hear ya. I have friends that dislike The Office because of too much zaniness andunbelievability, but I tend to gloss over those aspects in favor of Teh Funny.

However, your view of Tom as anything less than AWESOME, is unacceptable.

I enjoy scenes that don’t feature Poehler. I find her to be grating and her performance isn’t character-driven.

I remember reading some interview where the producers were surprised at the season 1 audience feedback they were getting that Leslie Knope was perceived as “Stupid”, when they just wanted “Takes her job too seriously”. Which makes me think there’s something fundamental either they or Poehler weren’t or aren’t getting about the character.

I watch it mostly for Tom, the boss guy, misanthrope girl, and Rashida Jones who isn’t screamingly funny but I find her ridiculously beautiful.

They’re definitely writing her as “stupid” as well as “takes her job too seriously”.

The way she carries herself, her skin tone and smile had me as soon as she showed up on The Office.

Knope is kinda doing the Michael balancing act except she comes off as not quite as clueless and a bit more simple.

Michael Scott is a similar challenge, he’s also very difficult to swallow as a genuine character rather than a caricature. Steve Carell is just a better actor; nobody buys that Michael Scott really exists, but Steve plays him as small-minded and flawed but sympathetic rather than a frickin’ clownshoes.

I’m not sure totally I agree with that. I think Michael is believable in his everyday interactions, there’s enough truth to his common conversations that he’s a relatable character. It’s only when you get to some of his more isolated extreme actions, or his big-picture story, where he becomes totally caricature-y.

Poehler on the other hand seems to play every individual conversation as the caricature. It’s really very hard to believe her individual interactions. Part if it, I think, is that while both Michael and Leslie have severe insecurities, Michael over-compensates for them, which makes his character a little more complex and layered, whereas Leslie just reveals those insecurities through awkwardness.

Actually, I might be agreeing with you, because it could just be that Carrell is a better actor, so I forget about the silliness of his character except when the script overpowers his performance.

I think it helps that The Office has Dwight. He sort of helps to normalize everyone else. Community doesn’t have that character.

Everytime Leslie Knope opens her mouth I can visualize Michael Scott saying the exact same things. To me the characters are completely interchangeable. If it wasn’t for Ansari and Offerman the show would be compeltely redundant and unecessary.