This forum's had a shift to the right

Or rather, more towards the center.

Had something to do with an embassy being burned over a comic, I think.

Where’s your evidence, you fascist stooge?


I dunno, as someone currently skewing left, I’ve got to say that I already knew that Muslim populations seem to be reactionary and violent. I really can’t think less of them, when you get down to the jacklegs who start killing over cartoons/religion. Of couse, I’m in the same boat when it comes to Republicans (those who still fervently support this administration’s every more), blacks (the ones who riot at the drop of a hat), the whites (the ones who suddenly decided that they no longer have any responsibility in the larger world other than making as much money as possible, and mistaking wealth for character), the asians (the ones who are cranking out all the shit anime and manga, so void of life other than the media-frenzy that their world seems to have become) and just about any other identifiable group that does dumb/violent/petty things.

So, don’t think that not approving for a good reason suddenly makes me think more of people who have been disapproving for the last five years with or without reason. I’m one of 'em, and I’m not.


My apologies, I’ve been too busy with real life to royally piss everyone here off… (damn!)