This guy's an idiot

It seems like there’s no shortage of just, really stupid stuff… But it seems wrong to pollute threads dedicated to the morally reprehensible behavior of the GOP with their actions which are just totally stupid. Or sometimes stupid things which aren’t even done by the GOP.

So I made this thread!

Montana governor doesn’t understand how federal laws work. Cool.

This thread is in no way specifically about the idiot governor of Montana. He’s just the first idiot here.

Perhaps we’re on track for a new Nullification Crisis.

Holy crap, it just occurred to me that this is the same guy who attacked a reporter and then had absolutely nothing done to him as a result.

He looks like a principle I had in high school, who was a totally tool. And I can guarantee you he’s nowhere near as smart as John C. Calhoun.

He looks like he’s saying, “Wait. Wait. Let me explain it.”

Welcome to my daily hell.

I doubt he’s as smart as Tim Calhoun.


Surely this is just chimp display to impress and keep the support of the weakest chimps.

Even Greg Abbott, who ordered the TX National Guard to monitor the movements of the US Army in Operation Jade Helm in case the US tried to take over Texas, was just pandering to the unwashed nothing-happening militia-cosplayer citizens of his state, who were desperate to feel important enough to be persecuted and to believe that the guns they’d spent most of their Piggly Wiggly money on had turned them into action heroes.

I mean, I’m sure they don’t have Piggly Wiggly in Montana, but whatever they’ve got. Buffalo Mart.


I almost included a youtube link, but I decided to trust the audience. Thank you for rewarding my faith.

Why are right-wingers so dumb and yet so popular?

“Criminals like the cloak of darkness, so they have one less hour in the evening to commit their crimes,” Cantrell, who sponsored the bill, told WSB-TV. "

Birds of a feather derp together.

NC is doing a similar bill, though without the idiotic justification, they just don’t the constant shifting of the clock.

I actually sent support to a Republican on this bill because it’s good, and it keeps them from doing anything damaging if they spend their time on this stuff.

They think it will give them an extra hour every day to pass shitty laws.

It just means worse grades for kids, and shittier time going to sleep at night.

God, I hate Days Lights Saving with a passion of a 1,000 suns.

I think it’s the losing an hour that is hated, not the actual time zone itself.

Both can be hated.

Having small children, and having it still light out is rough, even with black out curtains. If we kept with the regular schedule of day and light, it would take much longer to get to that point, because it would get dark at a reasonable hour.

Also, as we know, a lack of sleep is a constant crisis for Teenagers. A permanent shift to DLS would just make the crisis worse.

And all for what? So that we can spend more time shopping?

perm DLS means going to school in the dark down here.

perm standard time means sunshine at 5am in the summer.

getting on one time means fewer heart attacks- apparently two of the three worst days of the years for heart trouble are the clock shift dates (the other is Christmas)

I think there are valid reasons to just pick a time and stay with it all year.