This Hori headset illustrates the problem with Nintendo Switch chat

Thanks to peripheral manufacturer Hori, we now know how this will look, at least on early solutions. It’s not pretty.

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Here’s the way it will work:

what the living fuck


Nintendo don’t want kids to interact with bad adults.
People in Japan literally think Internet is filled with evil nasty people.
Japan is very good at hardware, but the software world is something they still have yet to attune to it.

Because of the above, this spawn from hell can exists.

The length of the cables is the real trolling here.

I mean, they’re not wrong.

Is a very pessimistic view of humanity. I like more the “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

Seriously. They’re really not wrong at all. I can imagine folks in a lot of other countries don’t want their kids talking to Americans online anymore. Can you blame them?

I guess at least the Hori hardware looks decent.

Nintendo really hates the Internet.

Are digital purchases still tied to hardware with the Switch?

I think it’s more that (in this case) Nintendo hit the Switch’s processing capacity, and adding voice chat while playing a game and playing in-game audio is just too much for the system to bear. The Switch literally has different output quality depending on whether the main unit is docked or not, so streaming live audio is probably just enough to tip the system below their minimum tolerance.

Wonder how much overhead that really is, though.

Design is kinda dumb, but if it works well, I don’t care much.

Erm… Can someone explains why the phone is needed?

Because the phone is where the Voice Chat for Nintendo’s online service will actually come from. It doesn’t happen on the console at all. All matchmaking and party management stuff is done on a phone app, too.

Hahahahahaha. I thought the XBONE had a dumb headset setup.

Is it because Hori did not build a proper app for the Switch? As in they’re not a properly sanctioned developer?

Seems really weird.

Edit: Feels like it’s out from the dark ages.

No, Nintendo doesn’t offer any voice chat functionality via the console alone.

I wonder if you’ll be able to just go straight from the headset to the phone if you only want the voice chat in the headset, for example when the Switch is docked and the game audio would be coming out of your TV speakers (but also if you wanted, undocked with sound just coming from the Switch itself). That would somewhat mitigate how ridiculous this is.

i cannot even figure out how it operates.

Why does it have to be connected to the Switch at all if it’s to be connected to the app on the phone.

And why even the headset? cant i just use the phone? none of this makes a bit of sense.