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While you’re gawking at that type 5 station, here is what the older version looked like in BCM.

Demo with full (seamless space+planet environments) multi-player coming soon!

Demo with full (seamless space+planet environments) multi-player coming soon!

Really? With the amount of screen shots you always post, I thought you were just working on a screen shot generating program. I could never figure out the acronyms for that one - now it makes more sense.


Definitely looks improved.

Now, about those hyper-detailed avionics… do you have ejectable lens caps implemented yet?

Ever thought that maybe it’s bad form to pimp your own game on an independent message board?

Not trying to be rude, but most of the people who read these boards are frequent fliers at game news sites. We know about your game already.

I don’t see a problem with a board regular putting in a personal plug for a game he designed and implemented. I would, however, object to having PR reps drop by for the sole purpose of plastering press releases on the boards.

  • Alan

If Derek wants to post some links now and then, that’s fine with me.

Especially considering that he started a new thread, and didn’t try and hijack another thread. . .

Considering the abuse of the forum going on elsewhere, I don’t think this is worthy of note.

aw c’mon, you can’t be serious!! Coupe of things :

[li]I was a bit hesitant at first, then I had an epiphany - right at the point where I said …oh well, here goes nuthin’
[li]I noticed a few games as topics here, so I figured, why not? Besides, don’t blame me if other game developers don’t see it fit to mingle, mill and post. I’m social online - always have been (since I was aroung long before most were old enough to type, let alone park in front of a computer) - which is why, in the past, I’ve been frequently in trouble.
[li]Not sure what’s independent about the site. Its a forum I like to hang out at - and which just so happens to be frequented by media people who are not foreign to me (maybe that are to you).
As such, I am, not only amongst my peers/friends/foes etc, but amongst people who’ve seen me go from nobody to egotistical showoff to egotistical game developer - especially since most of them have beat me up at some point or another - and will do so at the drop of a hat if I piss around. pah! I don’t know about you, but I know where I came from, where I’m going…and exactly how I plan on getting there. I may get lost once in a while, but the road less travelled is fraught with unforeseen challenges.

[li]I’ve been coming here [QT3] since day one and hardly ever create new topics. I only happened to create this one because for some reason, those two lazy gits (Mark and Tom) aren’t updating the main news page anymore - otherwise they would’ve posted the press mailer I sent out this morning (as I do on occasion). At which point, you’d be reading about this there, instead of in the forum. And that happens, even back at the old forum.
[li]If I wanted to live in a bubble, I’d either stay at my own site’s forum or not crawl out of my knickers in the morning.
[li]If I wanted to post in a meaningless forum, I’d go play whack-a-troll at this forum cesspool where everything goes (unlike here, where trolls are literally shot on sight).
Better yet, I’d just go park on the Usenet and give trolls a hernia without even trying hard.

So, don’t hate me because I’m fearless. :D

Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? You want screen shots? I’ll give you screen shots, here’s about 1000+ Enjoy.

Nice try Chet. Better luck next time ;)

The ENTIRE reason I’m betting the farm on BCG is because it will show my mp strategy - albeit on a smaller scale - for my MMOG initiative.

Right now, I have a BCM/BCG environment in which a bunch of players are flying around in space, taking out targets either in space or the planet below (as you can in BCM), while other players on the planet are either flying or driving around, as well as running around in fp mode. In one recent game, I cloaked, entered orbit and nuked an entire base from space. Everyone on the surface died - except for some bastard who happened to be outside the blast radius wearing full body armor and carrying a personal shield unit. That was the same bastard (one of my devs) who happened to be prancing around with a shoulder launched STO (Surface To Orbit) unit and which had breached a hole in my hull armor earlier, during my first attempt at nuking the site from space.

Once I get the mp tech working (all other techs are fine and work as they always have) properly and with minimal lag for dial-up connections, it will be the FIRST game of its kind to offer that sort of gameplay. And given the size of the game’s universe - we’re not talking some walled-in maps here either.

So yes, I am excited. Wanna feel my nipples?

Thanks. Its getting there. Screen shots don’t do it any justice. Just wait for the demo.

And if you keep prodding me about realism of that scale, I’m going to place the blame squarely on your shoulders. Think you can handle the BC fanbase outcry? :D With complexity and realism (!) like I’ve got, its a wonder I don’t make them put on their shoes before leaving the ship. Its bad enough that they already get to starve their crew. hehe.

Quite frankly, I wish I didn’t have to do BCG. I’d just ship BCM Gold, hunker down and not release another title until BCO (since it uses BCG tech and then some, anyway) ships in late 2003 or early 2004. But since I’m a self-funded indie and one game always funds the next one in the series, I have to go through these stepping stones or I won’t be able to fund my games. I don’t need no steekin’ publisher. :roll:

Oh what I wouldn’t do with and additional $1m right about now. Meanwhile, entire teams are shipping crap games on $3m+ budgets. sigh

So yes, I am excited. Wanna feel my nipples?

Jesus wept.

So like, is this an expansion or something? I don’t keep up on your games any.

No, its not an expansion. That idea got canned a long time ago. Its yet another title in the series.

A bunch of 14 new type 5 station shots are now up.

Also, I have uploaded some shots of the new Combat Assault Buggy, just to give you an idea of the LOD we have in BCG:

cab (bcm ver with 326 polys)
cab (bcg ver with 1677 polys)

btw, the Gamescreenshots crew let me know that : Battlecruiser Generations is our 3rd most viewed PC section of all time

You see Chet, I always have a plan. :D

Can you order the crew members that perform badly to wash the deck, you know like in the old pirate movies.

See, that would rock, I mean the ships look nice n all, but I wanna be able to command my crew around and make them do what I want.

My poor AMD 1.2 w/GeForce 2 MX/400 is going to melt if I try to run this.

Then again, depending on the release date I might have upgraded by then. Looks frig’n sharp.

heh, you’ve gotta be joking. That level of realism is not only ludicrous, there’s no fun in that.

HOWEVER, you can order your crew around in BC games.

But in BCTC, you will be able to do it in full 3D. i.e. you’ll be able to walk from the bridge down to engineering and tell the Chief Engineer to perform a specific task. In much the same way you do it now using a 2D interface.

You’ll be able sit in the bridge - in first person - and bark out orders while the ship hurtles through space. To the extent that if you get boarded, unlike how in existing BC games your ship it at the mercy of mostly incompetent marines, you can run down to the armoury, grab weapons, grenades etc and head for deck where the skirmish is taking place.

…and you’d probably want to look out the window as you race from the bridge, just in case you get to see that last missile which destroys yours ship while your sorry ass was off on a whimsical fight. :D

Actually, thats not true. Your system will run BCM just fine and it meets with the minimum specs for BCG I think.

I am releasing 24 new shots tomorrow, showing off some of the new vehicles, character models etc. But, here is a sneak peak. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

These shots are 1280x1024 running on an ATI 8500 with 4x AA

You will catch the first glimpse of the new Mobile Infantry marine (in the UAV) and the Assault Force marine (in the CAB) models. Each of those character models, has approximately 3000+ polys. Compared to the BCM versions which came in at 500

As you can see in the Urban Assault Vehicle, there is a driver, a gunner and some idiot (nice target!) in the back totting an A9 Mag Cannon. NPCs can do that. So can a bunch of mp players.

The shots also show some of the 18 first person weapons. The guy in the UAV gunner seat is holding a DTR4a sniper rifle. That gunner can also man the turret mounted gun, when he’s not firing his own weapon. The git in the back is holding an A9 Mag Cannon (when you definitely have to blow up everything you see in front of you!).

doh! I forgot to include the shot links!!


Derek, you’re making me all… wet. I mean giddy. ;p
Just kidding, but anyway. I actually am looking forward to BCG. Hopefully you can deliver. You better. ;p

hehe, I ALWAYS deliver. It takes time, but I always do

btw, I forgot to include the image links to my post. Have now done so. If you’re giddy, you’d better sit down first. :D

Hey Derek. It all looks really nice. Could you talk a little bit about the interface. More streamlined? More complex? Graphical? etc.

What feedback have you gotten on previous BC games in terms of interface and what (if any) changes are you looking into.


Well, I did a major overhaul of the interface in BCM and so far, nobody has complained about it. The entire game is 100% mouse driven and everything is more logically arranged.

However, in BCG, I am going to get rid of those icons because they are too cartoonish. I am going to use the same interface as the computer sub-systems by using info boxes instead. It will amount to the same thing, without the goofy icons.

OK, all eighteen shots are up now

Okie, so I match the minimum specs. Happen to have any shots on what it’s going to look like with those specs? Seems like minimum specs typically means that the game’s going to look like crap, but it at least runs.

I’ll most likely still be running my 1.2 Athlon when BCG is released, but I should be running a GeForce 4 by then. Will that let me crank up the graphical detail, or is BCG fairly heavy on the CPU usage?