This is a thread for PS+ (PS Plus) members

They do seem to be coasting.

Haha! finally!

That’s livin’ the dream!

Coming soon:

Horizon Chase Turbo
Pro Evo Soccer 2019

There were only two games I wanted to play this year, hopefully this car game is fun.

That reminds me… if you have even the slightest interest in Sonic Mania, get it in your catalog. It is downright amazing. It’s worth full price, let alone free.

Sounds like it’s worth owning. (Not just renting while you have a PS+ membership).

PES is replaced with Detroit Become Human

Crap - I just bought Detroit 2 weeks ago :|

What!? I’ve been hovering on buying a PES game for months since I miss playing soccer games and now they’re talking it away? :(

Me too :(

Next up…

Sniper Elite 4
Wipeout Omega Collection (Vita & PSP remasters)

This wipeout also supports PSVR, and is one of the best exclusives for it. It’s also crazy hard. There is an auto driving mode for everyone to enjoy.

In September it’s Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3.


I wasn’t expecting to see Darksiders 3 on one of these so soon.
I think most people here enjoyed it.

I played Arkham Knight on Xbox, might check that out too for the Playstation exclusive missions.

I think the first Darksiders is one of the few games I actually saw through to the very end. Loved the ending. I love the lore and mythos of the series at large, but never completed II and never even touched III. Now that it’s on PS Plus though going to grab it and hopefully check it out at some point

(Although I’ve already spoiled the ending cinematic for myself. Oops)

Grand Kingdom (PS+ feb) is having their servers shut down next week.

Multiplayer isn’t needed to play, but there is a significant amount of content for it.
Online wars vs AI controlled player armies.


  • Last of Us
  • MLB The Show 19

I may actually jump in for a month to play The Show

Aw, now I regret buying The Show.

No interest in MLB and already have Last Of Us. The last few months have been pretty crappy.

Oh really? That’s a shame. I did try and start playing but fell off it quite quickly, although I loved the idea of it. Never tried multiplayer though.