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Calling it a demo is prejudicial editorializing. It’s a version of the game with all the content, you just don’t play through it like the original single player mode. You boost straight to the max level end game, like playing Diablo III in adventure mode. Since the single player campaign kinda sucks in Godfall, that’s, if anything, an improvement.

It has all the content, but doesn’t include the story mode (content). Got it.

PlayStation Plus’ Godfall: Challenger Edition not a trial, developer insists •

Today, a spokesperson for developer Counterplay told Eurogamer that the Challenger Edition was “not a trial”, but a new cut-price, limited-feature edition.

No no no, you see, it’s a paid demo.

In a new press release, Counterplay announced that the Challenger Edition would also soon be available for free via the Epic Game Store for a limited time (December 9th - 16th).

Yeah, it’s a demo. I actually think that’s a nicer way of putting it than describing it as “gimped.”

It kind of sounds more like getting a high-level WoW account so you can skip the grinding up and go straight to raiding.

The game will be free on Epic store too, so yeah not exactly a great move by Sony.

Well I’ll bet there are a ton of PS5 owners who don’t game on PC.

Epic is giving away the same restricted edition as PS+, isn’t it?

It’s hard to get upset with “free”, regardless of how they’ve packaged it.

The nice thing about Epic’s giveaway is that it’s free to keep, not just available while you’re subscribing to PS+.

Either way, it doesn’t sound like the game is good enough to spare the hard drive space or the time. There’s much better games out there that I haven’t gotten to yet.

Note: Schreier says that although it will offer newer games, you should not expect day 1 releases like Gamepass.

What Sony envisions:

What it’ll probably be:

That’s pretty much the idea. It’s like an extra $100 to get top level boosts in MMOs like FFXIV, so calling it a demo remains disingenuous. Like I said before, you get all the levels and bosses, but you play them with all the abilities unlocked and interesting top level gear right away.

I understood that reference!

Disregarding how absurd this comparison is, since those are completely optional purchases that you can typically only access if you already purchased the game itself, this does bring up a great point about how bad an idea this is from a different angle: level skips in MMOs are extremely unpopular among existing players, because they lead to those existing players having to deal with new players jumping into queues for late-game content right away, despite having no idea how to play the game or their role. With Godfall: Challenger Edition, they’re engineering a scenario where every new player is doing that.

Good month coming up.

PS4/5 - Deep Rock Galactic
PS4/5 - Dirt 5
PS4 - Persona 5 Strikers

I’ll give Dirt 5 another playthrough. Campaign mode is short, story was surprisingly decent too. Looks fantastic on a HDR tv.


Dirt 5 is pretty cool. Persona 5 Strikers is a great get.

Any good non-video Persona 5 spoilers so I don’t have to finish the RPG I’m not that interested in slogging through to try out the direct sequel action game I am interested in?

Dirt 5 and Deep Rock Galactic are on Game Pass, so my eyes just glaze over them.

Persona 5 Strikers is the fighting game in the Persona universe, right? Not my genre (except for Soul Calibur).

It’s not a fighting game, it’s a beat em up.

I have DRG on Steam with over 100 hours played, but I’m stoked because this means I can finally play it with my brothers, who don’t have PCs (or, mostly, XBoxes).