This is a thread for PS+ (PS Plus) members

I watch the entire Supercross schedule every year. Those guys are flat out crazy and the racing is fantastic. I really haven’t played a game heavily since the days of Motocross Madness 2 though.

I suspect that Respawn plan for Titanfall 3 someday. They’ve hinted at it heavily over the last year even as Apex Legends brought a whole new group of people to the franchise.

Apologies if this was posted already and I missed it but it’s a great deal on Plus. $35 after coupon code THANKS20

Thanks for posting that!

It’s very tempting for me. But I really should work through my PS4 backlog this year instead of getting PS+. Because if I spend 2020 only playing the free PS+ games, the backlog will continue.

My current PS4 backlog:

  • Finish Ratchet & Clank (I’m close)
  • Finish Bloodborne (I’m kind of close)
  • Finish Uncharted 3 (i’m about half way)
  • Start Horizon Zero Dawn complete
  • Start Last Guardian
  • Continue God of War 3
  • Start Dad of War
  • Start Uncharted 4
  • Start Uncharted Lost Legacy

Once I get through these, then I can think about getting PS+, or Days Gone or Spider-Man.

Just think of it as 35 bucks for a whole year of games you can play when you’re done with these!

Sort of. I’d have to subscribe again in order to have access to them again in 2021.

You’re looking at a bit under 100 hours there. 25 more with Spiderman + DLC.

This is assuming you don’t care about trophies

Hmmm, you’re right. I can’t play 100 hours on PS4 in 2020, not with also keeping up with Game Pass games.

Ok, new plan. I’ll get through those games in 2020 and 2021 combined!

Titanfall 2 today. If you’ve never played it, please do. It’s free. It’s one of the best games of the generation.

The world kill leader is streaming today for the release…

The Titanfall 2 campaign was fantastic.