This is a thread for PS+ (PS Plus) members

Like the single player and multiplayer would obviously be better, but the Legends mode was a free expansion that came out several months after GoT shipped and right from the release people were saying it would make a great stand alone or free2play kind of thing, which they did eventually start selling seperately from the single player, so it’s not like it wasn’t already a seperate product.

Does anyone else have this problem with FF7 Remake? Once Square-Enix gave a free upgrade to PS5 in December to purchasers (not PS+ recipients), I don’t seem to be able to even buy the upgrade or the Intergrade expansion. Oddly, this is the improved error message on Sony’s store page. I forget exactly what, but it used to say something even less intelligible and, I think, prevent me from even downloading the base PS4 version.

If I were to download it, maybe I actually would get the PS5 version with the expansion? I guess if I have the space, I can see what happens.

If you have a playstation and don’t already have Tsushima well, I don’t know what to tell you.

You tell them now they get to play Legends mode for free, and it’s a pretty good mode.

I don’t own it because I already have a lengthy backlog and I keep waiting for it to show up on PS Plus.

I have a ton of PS stuff to check out still, Ghost of Tsushima included. Others include Shadow of Colossus and Horizon Zero Dawn. Kinda bounced off both Last of Us and God of War, but pretty sure I could have a good time with them if in a different head space

Every PS+ month is gonna be a letdown after DRG for me, tbh.

I missed out on the final fantasy remake - I think that was given away?

Yes, last spring or so?

Your screenshot shows the option to buy the game for 59.99 which implies you only have the PS Plus version, the one not eligible for an upgrade. IIRC, there is no upgrade path for PS+ versions of the game, paid or otherwise.

The free upgrade is only available when you browse the store on a PS5 console, and even then not everyone can get it.

It’s weird.

Deep Rock Galactic? I think I briefly played the first mission in that one when it hit Game Pass. You go mine things and do some shooting of enemies I think? What’s so cool about that game?

It’s co-op heaven. Hard to explain, though. You either rock and stone or you don’t go home.

How does rock man not see how awesome rock mining dwarves are? :D

The PS+ copy got me fully enthralled with Deep Rock Galactic again. I have been pouring hours into my PC copy the last few weeks. There is so much there since the Early Access builds I played long ago.

To @Rock8man , it’s a sublime mix of exploration (procedurally generated dark caves), calm mining, and sudden intense combat all in a great co-op wrapper. It is team oriented in ways that matter so you are usually not 4 players doing their own thing, but players supporting other players to do their (A,B,orC) thing by doing their own D thing. They have done it so well, you don’t even need a mic or even a specific friend group.

Side note, one more week left on the DRG kickstarter board game.

Sony’s answer to Game Pass, the multi-tiered new PS+, could be unveiled next week according to Jason Schreier.

I think my own PS+ membership expires in May. I wonder if I should re-up before next week? Microsoft gave that sweet Gold->Ultimate Game Pass option that’s still the best way. I wonder if maybe having an existing PS+ membership will also make the new upgrade cheaper.

Coming soon:

  • Hood Outlaws & Legends (PS4+5)
  • Slay the Spire
  • Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom

We have another thread with streaming news and membership tiers. Classic stuff TBA. The PS5 IGC is sticking around, but Persona 5 has to be claimed before early May. No PS5? Too bad.

Current games:
Curse of the Dead Gods
Fifa 22
Tribes of Midgaard

There’s a blog post with some of the games and classics for the higher tiers in a couple weeks. Death Stranding, Demon Souls, Everybody Golf, Ghosts of Tsushima, both Spidermans, Returnal and a few others are new. Surprisingly no Knack 2, GT Sport or Dreams. There’s also a Ubisoft+ classics collection

Also, they kind of buried the lead: