This is a thread for PS+ (PS Plus) members

For whatever reason, it seems the A-Train Express offer was restricted to North America (US). In terms of where it sits in the overall A-Train franchise, A-Train Express is analogous with A-Train 9 v4.0 on the PC.

Next to leave:

  • Caladrius Blaze
  • Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition
  • El Hijo: A Wild West Tale
  • Foreclosed
  • Friday the 13th: The Game
  • Legends of Ethernal
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
  • The Escapists 2
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Hey, if I let PS+ lapse and then sign up again down the road, I’ll still have full access to any games I previously claimed or had access to, right?

I’m in the middle tier and want to downgrade. But since I don’t use multiplayer, I was considering letting it expire in December and signing back up next time a game dropped that I wanted or I was ready to tackle the backlog. But I don’t want to lose access to the PlayStation Plus Collection games I claimed when I first got my PS5.

Yes. You will always “own” what you “purchased” while you were a member of PlayStation Plus.

I thought I posted the new games earlier, but I guess it was a dream.
Here’s what’s available to play today with ++:

  • Alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus the Awakening of Golden Jazz (visual novel)
  • Dead Island Riptide
  • Dragon’s Dogma
  • Eiyuden Chronicle
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme vs Maxiboost
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition 15: Taishi
  • River City Melee Mach
  • Superliminal
  • Teardown (PS5 only, day 1)


  • Grandia
  • Klonoa Phantasy Reverie (1 & 2)
  • Jet Moto
  • Parappa 2
  • Pixar’s Up

Sony linked it with Stranger in Paradise (Chaos!) by mistake, so maybe that’ll join the service soon. Or never, like the last time they did it with Sayanora Hearts.

Coming in December:

  • Lego 2K Drive
  • Powerwash Simulator
  • Sable

I’m kind of loving this trend of PS+ being the place I can play Game Pass games that I couldn’t get around to in time before they left. I liked what I played of Sable on Game Pass, and now I can get back to it! Powerwash Simulator is still on Game Pass, but if it leaves soon, I’ll have a fallback.

OH MAN did I have a hard time talking myself out of throwing money at this in the BF sales. Sometimes it lands butter-side-up.

My family wanted to check out that lego game. They watch Lego Masters every week and the prize a few weeks ago was the cool shark car they built being put ingame as free dlc.

PS+ is back on sale. Not everyone qualifies.

30% off a year of tier 3 again, but this time it’s also 30% off tier 2. That’s almost 20$ cheaper than black friday. Tier 3 wasn’t worth it for me. I only finished Quest for Booty.

I checked out the games leaving this week before my sub expired.

Foreclosed isn’t worth playing. The visuals are cool, but they didn’t give enemies any AI.

Caladrius Blaze was fun, but has some uncomfortable fanservicey stuff. Short SHMUP.

Legends of Ethernal is okay. It seems like a very simple 2D combat platformer, with a few frustrating design choices & difficult areas. Not what I love so I didn’t get too far.

This year’s wrap up is live but they got no information for me. I wonder if it’s the same deal as last year, I didn’t play the minimum number of hours?

I guess I have a New Year’s resolution for 2024: Play at least 10 hours of Playstation in 2024.

Woah, this is a good list incoming.

PS Plus Extra and Premium additions:

  • ️Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS4 and PS5)
  • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️MotoGP 23 (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Metal: Hellsinger (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Salt and Sacrifice (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Moonscars (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Mega Man 11 (PS4)
  • ️Gigabash (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Grime (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Tinykin (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Prodeus (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Shadowrun Returns (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition (PS4 and PS5)

PS Premium Classics

  • ️Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 (PS4)
  • ️Thrillville (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Thrillville: Off the Rails (PS4 and PS5)
  • ️Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (PS4 and PS5)

I definitely wouldn’t mind playing through Tinykin again on a new platform. I always wanted to try Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, but not enough to pay for it, since it’s likely not something I’d find fun. Plus this is another chance to play Prodeus again, since I didn’t finish it on Game Pass.

Highly recommend Stranger of Paradise to anyone who hasn’t played it yet.

Curious to check out Salt and Sacrifice too.

Okay, that list convinced me to buy the PS+ extra sale I mentioned. :)

I’ll probably give Tinykin another playthrough as well. It’s really good. Play it!

Regular last week

  • Evil West
  • Nobody Saves the World
  • Plague Tale Requiem


  • Hardspace Shipbreaker
  • Just Cause 3
  • Lego City Undercover
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Session Skate Sim
  • Shadow Tactics
  • Surviving the Aftermath
  • Tiny Tina Wonderlands
  • Vampire the Masquerade Swansong


  • Legend of Mana remake
  • Rally Cross (PS1)
  • Secret of Mana remake
  • Star Wars episode 1 (PS1)
  • Street Fighter anniversary collection

I hope more people play Legend of Mana. There’s some really lovely stuff there, and the new turn off encounters feature’ll keep it fun. It was one of the highlights of my PS1 collection.

Leaving ++ next month:

  • Ace Combat 7
  • Hue
  • I am Setsuna
  • Lost Sphear
  • Lost Words
  • Oninaki
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Tacoma
  • Tekken 7
  • Thomas was Alone

One of next month’s games will be Foamstars.
It’s a GAAS multiplayer arena thing that looks similar to Splatoon.

The February 2024 monthly games have been announced, and they are some WEAK bullshit. I’d absolutely cancel if this was typical & there was nothing I wanted in the backlog.

Erph, I just picked up Rollerdrome this month. I have wanted to give Steel Rising a try. Not a bad month for me, actually.

Yeah strong month for me. I already have access to Rollerdome through Game Pass, but I always wanted to try Splatoon, so I’ll take Foamstars. And Steel Rising seemed like a decent Soulslike.

K. Fair enough. Clearly everyone likes / wants different things & I’m glad somebody is getting value!

The games look good to me. I just wish I had any time to play them.

Shrug, i’m looking forward to all 3 and my daughter is very interested in Foamstars having played a ton of splatoon. I buy in 6 to 12 month blocks of PS+ to save $. I think i have only really been annoyed with one month of freebies but I cant even recall details so must not have been that bad. We tend to play a ton of different + games as me and 2 kids use the PS5. I don’t base my + buying decision on the current month but the package as a whole and we use the crap out of it. Biggest played recently are Soul Calibur 6, TMNT, Miles Morales and Tiny Tina’s. Daughter is picking a Final Fantasy RPG to crank up this weekend as she has never played one. Tons of options, killer value for us anyhow.