This! is! ea!

Zack Snyder watches game makers and becomes one.

So who will watch Zack Snyder?

I do wonder what sort games he will make. He’s creatively leading an entire team without game development experience? Will he translate 300 into an action brawlfest? Watchmen into an RPG? Maybe he’ll finally take Dawn of the Dead and make that Zombie X-com everyone is dreaming about.

I hear he’s got this great idea about a huge-chested one-armed girl who crash lands on an island covered with guns and dinosaurs.

I’d hit it …
eh buy it.

Does the girl have a triple-jointed wrist but no elbow?

Cos I think I met that girl once.

Damn you, Zack Snyder: stop stealing my thoughts!

“I think video games are cool because they offer an opportunity to tell a story in an entirely unique way,” Snyder said in a release.

I think that if you’re coming at it from that angle there’s a good chance you’re doomed before you start.

Meh, it’s right up there with Spielberg doing games. I’m not sure why EA feels the need to bring on these high profile Hollywood people. Perhaps they’re hoping attaching such names will sell more games? It didn’t seem to do much for Boom Blox unfortunately.

They’ve got enough money to just throw it around and see what sticks? Seems like that’s the current plan.

Boom Blox was actually good, though. I can’t imagine Snyder producing anything similar - but based on 300 I’d think video games seem very appropriate for him.

I definitely think there’s potential to cooperation with top Hollywood directors… but not to the level they’re being taken. I would look to someone like Guillermo Del Toro (if anyone knows him, tell him I want to talk!) to help craft an amazing IP with unique artistic appeal and to have him create the story and help with cutscene direction. I wouldn’t say, “okay, tell us what we’re supposed to make.”

I’d assume it’s mostly promotional. Most efforts to make “personalities” of game devs don’t seem to meet with much success. Even Miyamoto, the top guy, probably isn’t that well known by name outside the hardcore, whereas everyone knows who Spielberg is. (Though movie directors probably aren’t that well known either, apart from the top top guys.)

It’s never a bad idea to get people in that have a different way of looking at things. If there was never any new blood, then there wouldn’t be as many new ideas.

I do agree with this, but promote from within! Crazy idea: Give everyone in the company the opportunity to submit a game design/idea and put it all to a vote.

This is a recipe for wasted money. Go EA!!!

I wouldn’t go that far.

I do have my doubts about whether the guy behind “Dawn of the Dead” and “300” will be the one to trailblaze “entirely unique ways” of videogame storytelling, though.

The punctuated slow-mo scenes in 300 made me wish for a new genre: turn-based beat-em-up. Something like Toribash, but less about spastic disarray.

This is probably a gimmicky promotional stunt, but could he really do much worse than most videogame creative leads working today? I think not.

My baseless prediction is that the first game he releases with them will be a hit and will be well received.

How do you mean?

I’m feeling rather skeptical because I don’t see how a film director can make games.
Most (good) game designers are ones that actually worked up from the ground up, making their way through their game industry careers in programming and QA.

They know the elements and mechanics of designing a game from scratch, and they could probably contribute programming, level design or art to the game itself.
I’m talking about guys like CliffyB, John Carmack, Gabe Newell, Soren Johnson and Will Wright.

I sincerely doubt that Zack Snyder has the kind of ‘industry know-how’ it takes to design a game from scratch, much less the three games he’s been contracted to work with EA on.

But we’ll see. He might just surprise us. (Probably not)

Actually a RPG in the Watchmen universe could be a hell of a lot of fun :).

His films prove that he works extensively with programmers. Even if he’s really slow-headed, he should be able to learn mechanics and interfaces. If he plays games he’s already on his way.