This is for Tim: Philips wants to help you BEEP your BEEP and around the BEEP-area

… surprisingly SFW.

I saw this header and thought Tim who? Then I watched it and thought, “Oh. I see.”

I’m buying three, once each for my [BEEP], [BEEP], and [BEEP]. I can’t wait for everyone to see my [BOWL OF FRUIT].

I’m so buying one of these!

NO! You must buy THREE!

Do you really want to use the same razor with which you shaved your [BEEP] to shave your [BEEP] or [BEEP]?

Sigh, uncouth, unclean western barbarians…

Heh, he even throws in a shocker.

For an extra optical inch with no surgery, I think most men would.

Carrot is vegtable, not fruit.

Ok, maybe I am gullable, but is that a joke site? If not, I really want to see this commericial on prime-time TV.

No, it’s philips trying to cash in on viral marketing. Notice that it was posted by Hanzii, who is the CEO of Virile Marketing HQ.

the amazon reviews are amusing…

" Lets just say the “Bodygroom” is Shaft, Beanbag, and Starfish safe."


It’s #1 on the top seller list. Viral marketing works. wooot!